Vincent "Butters" Clemmons

"I'm not stupid, you know. I know it's weird to force someone to go to prom with you. I-I know."

"So...why did you do it?"

"Because I wanted to be true to myself. I'm weird. I thought maybe you'd understand, because you're a little weird, too. ...that's a compliment."

"Ah. Well, then you're really, really weird."

Life isn't easy for the son of Van Clemmons. His nickname makes that of Cassidy Casablancas look cool, his career as a wanna-be Mark Hunter was cut short when his partner-in-anonymous-name-calling took a plunge into the ocean, and he has to resort to bribery to secure a date with hot geek chick Mac Mackenzie for prom alterna-prom. To make matters worse, he not only forces Mac to have dinner on a pirate ship and put up with his Zorro-meets-colorblind-Mobster outfit, he also babbles non-stop about space elevators and tries to compliment her on her weirdness. It's no wonder she is still pining for her rude ex-boyfriend. Seriously, Butters, it's hopeless. How about setting your sights on someone who actually matches your social skills — have you met Mandy?

Bio as of 2.20 "Look Who's Stalking"
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Adam Hendershott plays Vincent "Butters" Clemmons.

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