Harvey Greenblatt

"Oh, before Aaron, his biggest client was a day player on Boy Meets World."

There once was an agent named Greenblatt
Who got Aaron films, and we mean phat.
But Aaron's wife died
So Harvey's denied.
On what other show have you seen that?

Do agents have souls? It's one of those imponderables of life, but Aaron didn't have to worry about the answer with Harvey. He got him $20 million a picture and, perhaps more importantly, an iconic action figure. Harvey enjoyed his success on the back of Aaron's career until Lynn took that last fateful jump, and Harvey took that last fateful step. NEVER ask your client to sign a deal at his wife's wake.

Ex-agent of Aaron Echolls for whom the words "Wrong time, wrong place" never resonated more.

-Inigo, Polter-Cow
Bio as of 1.13 "Lord of the Bling"
All bios: 1.13 1.10

Paul Ganus plays Harvey Greenblatt.

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