Inga Olofson

"Ach, du lieber Gott! Ein Feuer!"

Inga is the receptionist at the Neptune Sheriff's Department and is a Keith Mars loyalist. While the rest of the office passively watches as Keith packs up his office after being fired, Inga gives Keith a sympathetic hug. Awww. In addition, she and Sheriff Lamb are the only people who know that Veronica went to the sheriff's department to report a crime.

Even after Keith has been defeated in his bid to reclaim the title of sheriff, Inga continues to prove her loyalty to him. She immediately reports an anonymous email to Keith that helps him solve the case of the missing sex tapes, unlike another department employee we could mention.

That email begets its very own mystery: why was a woman named Inga Olofson speaking German in the pilot?!

Bio as of 2.10 "One Angry Veronica"
All bios: 2.10 1.01

Seraina Jacqueline plays Inga Olofson.

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