Deputy Leo D'Amato

"Wow, Veronica, he totally wants to protect and serve you."

Claiming a past of delivering strip-o-grams, with the tearaway uniform to prove it (though yet to show it), Deputy Leo befriended Veronica. In return, she stole the Crime Stopper Hotline recording of the anonymous tip about Koontz from the evidence room. Afterwards, when Leo was suspended for the break-in, Veronica regretted using him.

Veronica later apologized and explained the situation regarding Lilly's murder. Initially, Leo was reluctant to forgive her. He even had a sketch artist render Veronica with horns. When Veronica admitted she had fallen for him, he relented, possibly because the visions of an 18-year-old Veronica were dancing in his head. Then, during the "Total Eclipse of the Heart" dance, he kissed her. Aww, how cute. Leo was even committing felonies in exchange for dinner dates, but their blossoming relationship wilted when Veronica began locking lips with former archnemesis Logan and broke up with the loyal deputy. Aww, poor Leo.

But at least it can't get any worse, right? Right? Come on, peeps, be realistic: this is Neptune. Ever the white knight, Leo wanted to find money to send his little sister with Down Syndrome to a private school. Aww, right? Except...not so much, since he did so by stealing the tapes of Lilly and Aaron having sex from the sheriff's department, severely compromising the pending case against Aaron. While he could have made a cool half a million selling the tapes to the tabloids, Leo decided to give them to Logan for a fraction of the price and got fired for his trouble. It was Keith who found him out, but let him off the hook, telling Lamb that Leo was negligent instead of criminal.

Poor, stupid, noble Leo: proof, once and for all, that nice guys finish last.

Or do they?

Leo got a job in private security stalking protecting rich kids. The money was good, and getting called up by an ex-girlfriend to be hit up for information was just an added bonus. Even that probably got him into trouble, because by the time Keith saw him again, Leo was reduced to walking around a retail store — a far cry from personal bodyguard. Keith took pity and offered Leo the chance to return to what he loved as a deputy. Whether that offer will survive the election of a different sheriff remains to be seen.

Bio as of 3.18 "I Know What You'll Do Next Summer"
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Max Greenfield plays Deputy Leo D'Amato.

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