Deputy Gills

"Check out the new digs, Keith. This is what I do since you fired me."

A true protégé of Sheriff Don Lamb, Deputy Gills was a poor law enforcement official and a worse leader of men. He thought Keith had a stick up his ass when the acting sheriff demanded they crack down on under-age drinking, but didn't have the guts to tell him so, choosing instead to publicly mock his superior. When found out, he blustered and tried to rally the troops into mutiny. He should have known that Sacks was too cool to follow a fool. The quiet guy wasn't going to jeopardize his income and diminish his supply of moustache wax for any man, and certainly not one of a small core of lazy deputies.

So what does a disgraced deputy do with his life after summary termination? Well, since Aquaman didn't need a sidekick, he found a job manning the gates of Pemberton Estates. Step down that it was, he could still take pleasure in screwing Keith by withholding the information that would confirm that Veronica was indeed the Kane burglar. Had Keith known, he might not have trashed her room, alienating her from timely communication, and he might not have become a criminal.

Gills, you are still a jerk, but maybe you're not quite as stupid as you look.

Bio as of 3.20 "The Bitch Is Back"
All bios: 3.20 3.16

KC Clyde plays Deputy Gills.

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