Clarence Wiedman, Jr.

"Two words for you, Clarence Wiedman: Game on."

A mystery wrapped in an enigma dipped in some scary sauce. Clarence Wiedman is just spooky. I mean, who would anonymously turn in Koontz without claiming the reward or take pictures of Veronica Mars and draw gun sight targets on them? Wiedman is also the person who apparently ran Lianne out of town and pops out of the woodwork when Veronica finally finds her mother. And he bested Veronica in the race for damaging evidence from Koontz's daughter. He's got the whole "scary" thing working for him.

But scary is as scary does and evil Wiedman may be nought more than the Kane family deed man. What can we say with any surety about Kane Software's head of security? That to Veronica he sent a bug and followed her to a Barstow pub where she finally found her mother and Clarence showed, the truth to smother. That's a task he may have failed, but he got the payoff papers nailed. Ex-Army intel, ex-FBI, he's got a rep as the go-to guy. He thought that Alicia with Keith conspired, he told her it must end or soon she'd be fired.

He was a villain in Season One, but that Rob Thomas is a son of a gun who turns our world a little upside down by making us hanker for that permanent frown, for the Clarence/Veronica tag team is a wonder to behold. They partner up to seek the truth on finding Amelia cold, lying dead in an ice machine, far away from the Club Med scene. Each has their own somewhat unique - and most effective - interrogation technique, for Harvard taught him how to ride roughshod whilst Veronica learned hers from the cheerleading squad. A popular pairing it proved to be, and one again we all hope to see, although for Veronica the question may yet arise as to the moral boundaries crossed to get the prize.

Our tribute to Clarence did match that of Abel, who now being dead makes our twin poem unstable for Clarence came back to our screens one more time, an avenging angel of Aaron's great crime. For Lilly it was that Duncan put out the hit, telling Clarence to call him when he had done it. So it was that smug Aaron, post-coital and bare, took two shots to the head. Well, it was only fair. In Australia, in the sand where the Donut did kneel, CW on the phone to say "It's a done deal."

Sadly, this foresight of a new season pending could not work forever and the show is now ending. So thanks, Mr. Wiedman, we're pleased that you came for the send-off that saw the return of Jake Kane. Jake was demanding there be one more slaughter, you were advising not Keith's nosy daughter. A soft spot you have for that sly little cat, farewell, Clarence Wiedman, the man in the hat.

-Inigo, alliterator
Bio as of 3.20 "The Bitch Is Back"
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Christopher B. Duncan plays Clarence Wiedman, Jr..

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