Clarence Wiedman, Jr.

"Two words for you, Clarence Wiedman: Game on."

A mystery wrapped in an enigma dipped in some scary sauce. Clarence Wiedman is just spooky. I mean, who would anonymously turn in Koontz without claiming the reward or take pictures of Veronica Mars and draw gun sight targets on them? Wiedman is also the person who apparently ran Lianne out of town and pops out of the woodwork when Veronica finally finds her mother. Should we be frightened for Lianne and Veronica? Seems so. He's got the whole "scary" thing working for him.

But scary is as scary does and evil Wiedman may be nought more than the Kane family deed man. What can we say with any surety about Kane Software's head of security? That to Veronica he sent a bug and followed her to a Barstow pub where she finally found her mother and Clarence showed, the truth to smother. That's a task he may have blown, but he can get Abel's girl on the phone.

-Inigo, alliterator
Bio as of 1.16 "Betty and Veronica"
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Christopher B. Duncan plays Clarence Wiedman, Jr..

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