Bonnie Capistrano

"It'll sound twisted, but Tim takes care of me. He's like my dad that way."

The son of a preacher man, Bonnie is Tim Foyle's on-again, off-again girlfriend. She also spent the greater part of the fall semester sleeping with Pi Sigs and being used for SexQuest points. All of that changed when Tim confronted her about her ways and she begged him to take her back, the night Dean Cyrus O'Dell died. Shortly thereafter, she discovered she was pregnant. While she was deciding whether or not to keep the baby, her indiscreet family doctor informed her parents of her pregnancy, so the issue was decided for her. She embraced the idea of being a mother, with Tim's support, although he may not have known that the paternity of the child was in question like Dick did. But knowing Tim's sleuthing ways, he probably at least suspected the child might not be his.

When someone slipped RU-486 to Bonnie, it caused her to lose the baby, and she went to Veronica Mars for help in finding out who did it. Although Veronica's investigation took her deep into the world of televangelists and the Women's Health clinic, it turned out that someone much closer to home had dosed Bonnie: her roommate and long-time best friend, Phyllis. Phyllis didn't want Bonnie to lose her dream of being a female Indiana Jones to be a young mother married to vaguely creepy Tim Foyle.

As far as why in the world a vibrant, pretty woman like Bonnie would be with the likes of Tim, see the quote above. Twisted indeed, Bonnie.

Bio as of 3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"
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Carlee Avers plays Bonnie Capistrano.

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