Tina Callas

"I know it always says that the movie title isn't listed on the bill, but you guys know, right?"
"So true."

Excerpted from an outdated edition of the staff handbook for employees of the Neptune Grand

1. Stay pleasant and likable at all times. This is especially important in the face of a guest's obnoxious friends and nosy girlfriends. If the guest knows that you are kind to the people in his life, he will be more likely to trust you later.

2. It's okay to break bend the rules a little for particular guests. After all, they are paying an outrageous sum to stay with us day after day month after month. They deserve the best service, and it is your responsibility to see that they get it, no matter what policy dictates.

3. Remember: the possibility of intrigue at the hotel always trumps the privacy of our guests and your fellow staff.

Looks like Tina got her hands on the old handbook, because she plays fast and loose with the privacy most hotels afford their guests. Of course, she might continually break rules just to get her Logan Echolls Fan Club card punched. For every ten acts of kindness performed for an ex-girlfriend, get one free Mario Kart lesson!

Bio as of 3.13 "Postgame Mortem"
All bios: 3.13 3.06

Anna Campbell plays Tina Callas.

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