Coach Tom Barry

"Son, please know that I am proud of you. I know I was tough on you, but I was preparing you to be man of the house."

Tom Barry is the anti-Bobby Knight. Your freshman hot-shot would-be starter oversleeps? No problem: make a joke or two! He decides to take his leave of the team to concentrate learning? Give him your blessing (and let him keep that scholarship!). Kicking the Division I-coach stereotypes to the curb, Wallace's b-ball coach seems surprisingly kind.

His compassion runs so deep, in fact, that when diagnosed with a terminal brain disease, he takes early leave of the mortal coil to prevent his family's suffering. He even retains an accomplice to make it look like an accident, ensuring that his family will be taken care of with a life insurance payout. Sure, his son spends some time in the clink and has to hightail it down to Mexico, but what's a little lam-time between family?

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Matt McKenzie plays Coach Tom Barry.

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