Hallie Piatt

"Oh, my God. Was I, like, speeding? 'Cause I so didn't know."

Like, oh my god, you guys, Hallie is just, like, the cutest girl ever! She has, like, the cutest voice and she owns, like, a Shi Tzu named Veronika! With, like, a k! Isn't that, like, so cute? I know! And she's also in, like, that sorority house, Zeta Theta Beta, which is just, like, the best sorority ever!

Also, she, like, walks dogs for THE Selma Hearst Rose! Only, like, she's, like, in love with her husband or something and, like, they had this complicated scheme that involved her, like, seducing Selma, and, like, there were stocks or something. So I guess Hallie's, like, not so awesome anymore. But she still has, like, such a cute voice!

Bio as of 3.08 "Lord of the Pi's"
All bios: 3.08 3.02

Keri Lynn Pratt plays Hallie Piatt.

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