Eli "Weevil" Navarro

"Uh, do you know anybody else who's hiring ex-cons? Because, uh, if I don't get a job in a week, I'm going back to the joint."

Life has not been kind to Weevil since we last saw him. After he was carted away from Neptune High's graduation with his poor grandma watching, Weevil has served time for his attack on Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco — which he pled down to assault from a murder charge.

He's out on parole and in desperate need of a job to avoid going back to the Big House. He had been working at a car wash, but he lost the job due to his anger-management issues. Veronica witnessed his near-assault on his jerk of a boss, and she convinced Keith to let him pick up her slack at Mars Investigations. Weevil showed aptitude for "detectiving," as well as an endearing (and somewhat unexpected) enthusiasm for catching bad guys. And we're not even mentioning the adorkable outfit he wears in an attempt to look professional. Unfortunately, Keith had to let Weevil go; Weevil witnessed a man abusing a little boy while on a stakeout and took matters into his own hands. While we couldn't blame Weevil for his violence against a child-abuser, it lost Keith the case and his chance to get the little boy away from a bad situation, so Weevil was once again in desperate need of a job. Veronica found the perfect solution and had Weevil fix Dean O'Dell's car — which incidentally helped her get back in the dean's good graces. O'Dell then hired Weevil as the new campus maintenance man.

There's no sign of PCHers in Weevil's life, so God Rob Thomas only knows what's in store for Weevil's future. Now that Weevil is working at Hearst, there will undoubtedly be plenty of opportunities for Weevil to help out our favorite girl detective. Here's hoping his aforementioned anger problem doesn't lead to yet another dismissal, although O'Dell would probably deserve whatever violence Weevil did to him.

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Francis Capra plays Eli "Weevil" Navarro.

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