Eli "Weevil" Navarro

"Here's what's up. There's a traitor amongst us. Someone who signed up with the Fitzpatricks to deal drugs and break the rules. And I don't like it when people break the rules. Do I, Thumper?"

Or should that be "Yond Thumper has a lean and hungry look; he thinks too much: such men are dangerous. Would he were fatter!"

Weevil, head of the local car-thieving PCH biker gang, only attends school because of a promise he made to his grandmother. 'Tis a pity he didn't pay more attention in English class; he could have learned a thing or two worth knowing and avoided some painful consequences. Perusal of Shakespeare may have taught him lessons about trust (it took a rescue from juvie for him to trust Veronica Mars), love (Lilly Kane broke his heart), and fate (going half-cocked after Logan Echolls for Lilly's murder cost him his friend, Felix). But let's talk about power. And betrayal. And Julius Caesar.

As Weevil got a little fatter, he got complacent about his control of the bikers. Choosing to focus on first blaming Logan and then — once Logan was exonerated in his eyes — working with him, Weevil assumed there was only one rat in the midst of the PCHers. As his and Logan's investigation pointed fingers from one biker to another, Weevil never questioned testimony from the man who replaced Felix as his right-hand man — Thumper.

After Veronica helped this unlikely pair gather evidence that Thumper himself was the one working for the Fitzpatricks, Weevil confidently walked right into his betrayal by Thumper and the other bikers. On what might have been the Ides of January, Weevil was cast out of the PCHers, his bike possibly driven into the ocean by Hector. To add insult to injury, Weevil can't even avenge himself upon Thumper, given the backstabber's evidence of Weevil's beatdown of David "Curly" Moran.

While his betrayal ended with a beating rather than a stabbing, his social status is definitely D.O.A. Brought low enough to ride the bus to school and be called a loser by Dick freaking Casablancas, what will happen to Weevil now? During his reign as king of the PCHers, he made many enemies amongst the 09ers. Does Weevil have a Marc Antony to call his own? It can't be Logan — the bikers won't let him live long enough for him to get as far as "Romans." Veronica? She's too busy working on the bus crash and reestablishing her friendship with Wallace. So that leaves...What's that, the revving of a bike? Et tu, Hector?

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Francis Capra plays Eli "Weevil" Navarro.

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