Eli "Weevil" Navarro

"Now, I'm just checking something: Am I still in charge here? Huh?"

Weevil Navarro is the tattooed, leather-clad leader of Neptune's PCH Bike Club. After initial difficulties, he became Veronica's connection to the shady sides of Neptune; if she needed stolen cars, bookies, or just someone to drive her around on a motorcycle, he was there, even willing to punch Logan Echolls for free.

Weevil became involved in the Lilly Kane murder case when Veronica found out that he had been having an affair with Lilly that led to a nasty breakup and some threatening letters from Weevil's side. For a while, Veronica suspected that he was involved, but of course the killer turned out to be someone else.

Unfortunately, Weevil had decided that this someone was Logan Echolls and set out to take revenge in Lilly's name. Together with his bikers, he confronted the drunken Logan on the very bridge Lynn Echolls committed suicide on to...kill him? Maim him? Take him down and give him a cup of tea?

Well, thanks to Logan, we don't know. In a daring Matrix-style move, he kicked Weevil in the face, knocking him unconscious. When Weevil woke up again, his world had changed: his Backup Right-Hand-Man is gone, his bikers are getting out of control, and Neptune is ready to go up in flames.

And again things aren't looking too good for him: he loses an earring that turns up as police evidence in a murder investigation. A stranger calls him on his cell phone to accuse shady people of sabotage. A tiny blonde chick is harassing him again. And if it wasn't enough that one of the PCH bikers' rival gangs is called the "Fighting Fitzpatricks," these Irish rowdies are also trying to "integrate" Weevil's boys into their own drug-related crime business. What's a gang leader to do?

Until recently, Weevil would have blamed Logan Echolls, but after an inspired torture session, he now is at least convinced that Logan didn't kill Felix. Unfortunately, he does not manage to tell him before young Mr. Echolls and his goons duct-tape him to Neptune High's flagpole. We are sure Wallace Fennel would have appreciated this sight.

For once, Weevil does not plan to retaliate, but seeks out an alliance with Logan in order to find Felix's real killer instead. Logan agrees to work with him, but this dynamic duo can't take off without having one last, extended brawl, which is, of course, just pretense to maintain Weevil's reputation with the bikers. Judging from Hector's reaction, that didn't work out quite as brilliantly as planned, but fans will surely appreciate the manly bruises.

-grimsqueaker, geniusblonde
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Francis Capra plays Eli "Weevil" Navarro.

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