Eli "Weevil" Navarro

"Seriously, don't I just blend right in? Come on. Where's Weevil?"

Weevil Navarro is the tattooed, leather-clad leader of Neptune's PCH Bike Club. Initially, he came off as a diamond in the rough with a heart as soft as butter left out in the sun too long. He was Veronica's ally when she kept a couple of his friends out of jail and saved him from juvie for credit card fraud. He became Veronica's connection to the shady sides of Neptune; if she needed stolen cars, bookies, or just someone to drive her around on his motorcycle, he was there, even willing to punch Logan Echolls for free.

Weevil became involved in the Lilly Kane murder case when Veronica found out that he had been having an affair with Lilly that led to a nasty breakup and some threatening letters from Weevil's side. When he tried to retrieve Lilly's spy pen from the Kane estate, presumably to get access to a message in it, Veronica's Spidey Sense was tingling, but fortunately, Weevil turned out to be innocent, managing to keep his heart of gold.

Until he got it in his head that Logan Echolls had killed his wayward girlfriend, and decided to take revenge in her name, that is. Together with his bikers, he confronted the drunken Logan on the very bridge Lynn Echolls committed suicide on to...kill him? Maim him? Take him down and give him a cup of tea?

Well, thanks to Logan, we don't know. In a daring Matrix-style move, he kicked Weevil in the face, knocking him unconscious. When Weevil woke up again, his world had changed: his backup is gone, his bikers are getting out of control, and Neptune is ready to go up in flames. At least, Weevil's still got flava, and he will love you long time.

-grimsqueaker, geniusblonde
Bio as of 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"
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Francis Capra plays Eli "Weevil" Navarro.

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