Cormac Fitzpatrick

"Forget it. Mom always liked you best."

Even in Neptune, scumbags sometimes get what they deserve. Cormac Fitzpatrick was best known for his unique relationship with the women in his life — his mother always preferred him over his baby brother, he cold-heartedly shot the girlfriend who had even done time for him because he lusted more for her wealth than for her, and provided Molly Fitzpatrick is his kid, he may even be responsible for ruining her love life by putting a hit out on her boyfriend.
Justice finally came to the eldest Fitzpatrick in form of a bear trap and a faceful of lead courtesy of Liam, rendering all the years of patiently serving time in San Quentin for naught. Oh, Cormac, if only you had been nicer to Kendall — or had used your time in prison catching up on impressionist masterpieces — your life could have been so much richer!

Bio as of 3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"
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Jason Beghe plays Cormac Fitzpatrick.

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