"I got PCHers riding up and down my street day and night. Now if I was on the bridge that night and if I saw what went down, guy like me, who's got a wife, and a five year-old daughter? Might think he's better off keeping his mouth shut."

Luis saved Logan's life by scaring away the bikers on that fateful night on the Coronado Bridge. He didn't come forward to also save Logan's butt from trial, despite his knowledge that Logan didn't kill Felix Toombs, because of where he lives — in the PCHer neighborhood. His concern for his wife and children is touching. We can only imagine what his wife must be like, since we don't see Veronica's crucial visit to her, which causes Luis to finally come forward. But come forward he does, and his testimony is enough for Lamb to issue a warrant for the Deader than Deadonia Thumper. And given that the charges against Logan have already been dropped, we hope for Luis and his family's sake that he won't ever have to officially testify about the matter.

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Jon Michael Souza plays Luis.

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