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"Looky here. My favourite drink tosser. I'm so happy you came to Hearst."

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I can't believe that bitch who doused me in beer way back in March and then got the Pi Sigs suspended for the rest of the term actually had the nerve to turn up at our party. And of course she got all pissy about our rape test ... thingies. Thank god she went on to pester Chip. Also, the music kinda sucks. And I'm bored. And everyone keeps stomping in without buying cups, even some TA dude. Also, that scary Safe Ride Home chick threatened to cut off my earlobes when I asked her for her ID. Can't a guy just make one simple joke? I need more tequila...

Hmmhmm, right here, right now.... arghh, I can't get it out of my head! Damn that DJ!

Let's go bird spotting

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