"Man, I figured I had me my own copycat. Cool, huh?"

"Oh, give me a break, man! You're some punk freshman. So give me back my tunes before I kick your ass."

PCH biker wannabe. A taser and not-so-subtle racism guide young Arturo's efforts to impress Thumper and the gang when he devises the great Pizza-Boy-Mugging-capade. Cho's delivery boys are shocked and robbed when they approach the homes of coconuts — Latinos who get too friendly with whites or too uppity at school. Arturo's own part in deepening the Neptune divide is brought to an unceremonious end by a length of wire, a taser of equal power, a slavering dog, and Veronica Mars. Deputy Jerry Sacks gets his juvenile deliquent present gift-wrapped to a pole with duct tape in 2.14 "Versatile Toppings."

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Mario Ardila, Jr plays Arturo.

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