Leonard Lobo

"Seems Mr. Lobo here was struck by a bolt of lighting."
"What, that he could cash old ladies' social security checks himself and get rid of the slot machines?"

Leonard Lobo is a generous man. He let Terrence Cook rack up a massive amount of debt at his casino. He let Keith Mars have the security pictures that show Terrence in Seven Rivers Casino at the time of the bus crash, thus proving Terrence's alibi. He even went so far as to go to a judge with his two burly lawyers and say that he was in a "meeting" with Terrence at the time of the bus crash, so that Terrence was off the hook.

Yes, Leonard Lobo is a generous man, but he's also practical. Which is why he's letting Terrence pay off his debt by shaking hands and taking pictures in front of his casino for the next twenty years.

As the comic Lobo would say: what a bastich!

Bio as of 2.20 "Look Who's Stalking"
All bios: 2.20 2.14

Gil Birmingham plays Leonard Lobo.

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