"Kind of a weird question, but is that your real hair color, Astrid?"
"You're right, that is a weird question. I'm more of what you'd call a bottle blonde."
"And I'm guessing you're about twenty-five?"
"You should really work at a carnival. I am indeed twenty-five. Please, don't ask me my weight."

Until recently, she was Celeste Kane's maid, keeping her clean laundry from mixing with her dirty laundry in exchange for grad school tuition. Then she became embroiled in the most convoluted kidnapping scheme ever concocted by a couple of teenagers. Now, having put her grad school dreams on hold for whatever reason, she's living the low life with Duncan and Lilly. The baby, not the corpse.

Bio as of 2.11 "Donut Run"
All bios: 2.11 2.09

Christine Fite plays Astrid.

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