Aaron Echolls

"His dad makes twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure."

The action figure settled it. Aaron Echolls had it made. The movie star looks and career, the adulation of fans, the love of a good woman, two fine children. Behind the glitter, it was not so golden: the looks faded, the career was grounded in trash despite eight figure pay checks, the papparazzi prowled. His life was a show. Even his philanthropy is an exercise in public relations. So he's given it all up to look after the family he loves and who love him.

Yeah, right. The good woman is good and gone, straight off a bridge in response to his philandering. The fine son is a screw up that Aaron has been known to beat with a belt. Is it old-time punishment or abuse? His daughter is a needy personal and professional failure but she does bring out the protective father in him. The violent, beat-sleazy-abusive-boyfriend-to-pulp kind. Aaron? Hello? Aren't actors supposed to recognise irony?

Bio as of 1.19 "Hot Dogs"
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Harry Hamlin plays Aaron Echolls.

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