Aaron Echolls

"His dad makes twenty million a picture. You probably own his action figure."

The action figure settles it. Aaron Echolls has it made. The movie star looks and career, the adulation of fans, the respect of his son, the love of a good woman. Behind the glitter however, there is a darkness. The looks are fading, the career is grounded in trashy action films of little artistic merit, the fans invade his privacy, his son's respect is illusory, bought with abuse and the good woman has gone, driven to escape his unfaithfulness. Even his philanthropy is an exercise in public relations.

Aaron stands at a crossroad following the reported suicide of his wife. He may be about to give up showbiz to try and re-establish his damaged relationship with his son. Or not. As he says, "how do you argue with eight figures"?

Bio as of 1.13 "Lord of the Bling"
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Harry Hamlin plays Aaron Echolls.

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