Second Season Fundraiser for Kristen Bell

[UPDATE: We raised a total of $656.87! Thanks everybody. We are no longer accepting money for this charity drive.]

HYPOTHETICAL VM FAN: "We've heard what they say about you, Kristen Bell. You rock."
HYPOTHETICAL KRISTEN BELL: "Yes I do. I also take cash."

Or at least we hope she does. Because the return of our favorite badass action figure is coming up! September 21 September 28, baby. The big 0-2.

But she's an actress, you say. She already makes a lot of money. She doesn't need money from us poor fans.

But you know who does need money? The East Valley animal shelter in North Hollywood! That's right, the plan is to celebrate the new season of Veronica Mars by donating to a cause that is near and dear to Kristen. She is a big believer in adopting animals from shelters. She even did a PSA urging people to adopt, instead of buy, their next pet.

So why are we doing this? Because that's just the kind of crazy--um, generous fans we are. And because we want to show Kristen that the fans appreciate all the hard work she has done for the show. Between the twelve-to-eighteen hour workdays, the constant promotions and interviews, and the weekly commute from San Diego to her home in L.A., Kristen's workload is seriously whacked.

We know there are several thousand of you out there with spare change clinking around in your pockets. If everyone gives a little, it adds up to a lot. Of course, if everyone gives a lot, it adds up to a whole lot. But that's beside the point.

The easiest way to donate is to PayPal your contribution by clicking on the button below, but if you're unable to send money via the Internet, please e-mail us at to arrange the mailing of a check. We'll take any donation, no matter how small! Refusing your donation would be like turning away cute widdle Backup 1.0, and we're not that heartless. At least, the majority of us aren't.

All the money raised, minus the PayPal transaction fee, will go directly to the charity. None of the money will be used to line the pockets of our webteam. We MI.netters might be counterfeiters, pillow talkers, spammers, and ballot stuffers, but we ain't crooks. We will keep a running tally on our site to keep you guys updated on how much money we have collected. We will present the money to the East Valley animal shelter on September 21st September 28th (or on a later date if UPN again changes the premiere date), so send us your donations before September 21st September 28th.

You can read more about this fundraiser on the L.A. Animal Services home page.

So, to sum up: donate to charity to thank Kristen for her hard work and to celebrate the new season. Tell your friends! Spread the word! Rob a bank! Okay, not that last one. Bank on Rob! That's it.


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