Top 5 Reasons to Buy Veronica Mars Season 2 DVD

The VM S2 DVD goes on sale Tuesday August 22nd. If you're on the fence about buying the DVD, well buddy, here are five reasons why you should get them.

5. Logan. Towel. 2.03 "Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang." Need I say more?

4. Admit it. Even though you watched every single episode during the season, you were still a little befuddled terribly confused completely, totally, and utterly dumbstruck by all the mysteries, plot details, and recurring minor characters. With the constant stream of reruns, hiatuses, time changes, and sports-related pre-emptions, it was easy to lose track of the tangled web of clues and red herrings. Now that you can watch all 22 episodes in a row, without any interruptions, except for the occasional bathroom break, you will exclaim, "Eureka! That's who Rhonda, Marcos, Peter, Betina, etc., etc., etc., are!"

3. Goal: Veronica Mars #1 in the ratings.

We've been keeping track of the Amazon sales rank for the VM DVDs since late July. Except for that three day glitch between August 12th and 14th, the S2 DVD has been slowing inching its way up the sales rankings. How totally awesome would it be if the VM S2 DVD become the #1 ranked DVD at Amazon? Our little show reaching number #1 on Lilly would say, "Whoop-de-freaking-do!"

P.S. If you buy the DVDs from our Amazon link, a percentage of the sales will be donated to the ASPCA.

2. Veronica. Veronica and Keith. Veronica and Wallace. Veronica and Duncan. Veronica and Logan. Veronica and Mac. Veronica and a phone book. Get the picture? Good. Then go get the DVD.

1. Vimping1 is fun!

You might have seen all the season two episodes, but have your family? Your friends? Your co-workers? Judging by the Nielsen ratings, I would guess not. *sniffle*

The DVDs are the perfect way to introduce the show to new viewers. The next time you and your posse get together for a dinner party, a seance with a Mrs. Huber-look-alike, a wedding anniversary, a fraternity rush with some of the finest, most upstanding gentlemen of Neptune, a book-club meeting, jury deliberations for a trial too boring to care about, a birthday party, a bikini-clad slumber party, a family reunion, a gang meeting to jump a soon-to-be-former gang leader, or some other gathering, consider turning that event into a VM viewing party. True, your friends might give you some quizzical, "I think [insert your name here] has gone mad" looks. But after a couple of episodes, those "WTF?! I've never seen this show before. It sounds dumb," will turn into "OMG! Why haven't I been watching this show? This show is so good!"

As Rob Thomas said at the beginning of season two, "Veronica Mars, if it's going to survive, needs more viewers." And considering the fact that the ratings for the show need to almost double in order for the show to survive the post-Gilmore Girls timeslot, Rob's statement has never been more true.

Veronica Mars DVDs. Veni. Vidi. Vimpi. (I came. I saw. I vimped.)

1vimp = Veronica Mars pimp.


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