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Veronica Mars Season 1 DVD
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"Veronica Mars, if it's going to survive, needs more viewers." — Rob Thomas

The critics love this show. The fans love this show. Our webteam obsessively loves this show.

You know who doesn't love this show?

Judging by the ratings, the American public.

Despite critical acclaim, Joss Whedon's unabashed fanboy love, the America's Next Top Model lead-in, and Charisma in a bikini, the ratings for this season aren't substantially better than last year. If the ratings don't improve, there's a chance that the show ain't coming back next season.


"Our beloved Veronica Mars has improved with more than three million tuning in, but that's not nearly the showing that UPN was hoping for. " — E! Online Kristin

But what can I do? I don't have a Nielsen box, and no one I know has a Nielsen box either.

But you do have $40 and a DVD player, right?

If you haven't heard the news by now, the Veronica Mars season 1 DVDs went on sale October 11, 2005. If you haven't yet bought a copy, what are you waiting for?!

Here's your chance to make your viewership count. Here's your chance to show your support for the show. Here's your chance to help Veronica Mars land in the top ten. (Okay, it's only the Amazon.com DVD Sales Rank, but hey, we'll take any top ten finish we can get.)

And even if you don't have a DVD player, you still have $40. Buy the DVDs now, and the player later!

And even if you don't have $40, you still have two kidneys. Don't be greedy; you don't need both of them! While you're in the hospital recuperating, you'll have plenty of time to watch the DVDs.

But the DVDs have hardly any extras. I want a fully loaded DVD set!

People, this ain't Star Wars. The studio isn't going to re-release a brand new special edition DVD six months from now...and a super deluxe edition six months after that...and a limited edition collectors edition six months after that.

Yeah, the lack of extras is disappointing, but you know what sucks more than a lack of extras? Cancellation. When it came to the DVD release, Rob had a choice: get more viewers now or get cancelled later. He chose to get more viewers.

"But originally we thought we were going to have the DVD out before the beginning of season two. It's why there are almost no bells and whistles on the DVD. They gave us the option of before the season with no bells and whistles, or out in January with audio commentary, et cetera, et cetera. And it would be nice to be one of the shows that can do it whenever they want, and do the gold, platinum, extra-special edition, but Veronica Mars, if it's going to survive, needs more viewers." — Rob Thomas

And Rob being Rob, he still managed to find a way to add a commentary for the DVDs. If you have a burning desire to hear what the singer of Matchbox 20 the creator of Veronica Mars and Cupid has to say, then visit Rob's site and listen to his commentary for the original, unaired pilot.

But I already saw all the episodes. Why do I need to buy the DVDs?

You might have seen all the episodes from season one, but has your family? Your friends? Your co-workers? Your priest? Your rabbi?

Veronica Mars has a very devoted fanbase. Unfortunately, three million viewers is not enough. In order to get a third season and beyond, this show needs more viewers. The DVDs give fans the perfect opportunity to hook those nearest and dearest to them on the show.

"I got into 24 because of the DVDs. You know, you sort of missed the boat, and I feel like a lot of people who might have watched Veronica Mars felt this way. It's like they heard all the buzz, all the good press on the show, but it was 12, 13 episodes in, so they felt like, 'I can't catch up, so why bother?' The DVDs allow you to catch up. And that's certainly how I got into 24. And so I'm hopeful that it has the same effect for us." — Rob Thomas

Veronica Mars DVDs. Buy it. Share it. Pimp it.

$40 for the DVDs,
$40 won't you please.
$40 if you need a reason,
$40 for another season.

Come on guys, this show needs as many vimps1 as it can get.

1vimp = Veronica Mars pimp.


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