Veronica Mars. Life's tough. She's tougher.

The streets and corridors are dark in Neptune, whatever the time of day. It's a darkness of spirit, of lies, of secrets, of jealousies, and of murder. And that's just high school.

Veronica Mars is a shining light in the oppressive endless night of Neptune. With her father, Keith, she seeks truths that others hide, justice that others evade, and equality that others stifle with money and power.

Okay. Enough with the hyperbole. Veronica Mars is no superhero. She's painfully human, with all the foibles mankind is heir to. She makes mistakes, she jumps to conclusions, and she can be viciously single-minded in her efforts to get answers to the mysteries in her life. But she's sharp, she's sassy, she's snarky, she's pretty in pink (and red satin), and she has a mean taser. She'll crack the conundrums, explain the enigmas, resolve the riddles, solve the stumpers, and work out the whodunits that weave their paths through the town. A dialogue that dazzles, delivered by a cast that sparkles, makes Veronica Mars one of the best shows on television...ever.

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