Why Did Duncan Dump Veronica?

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Veronica Mars and Duncan Kane were the couple in Neptune High. Dating one of the richest and most popular guys in school, automatically made Veronica part of the in-crowd. Duncan was her "first and only love."

However for reasons unknown, both Lianne and Celeste objected to the relationship. Lianne was stunned silent when Veronica told her she was dating Duncan. Celeste always acted coldly towards Veronica. Lilly even warned Veronica that Celeste would try to break them up.

Days before Lilly was murdered, Duncan unexpectedly stopped talking to Veronica. Confused and tearful, she asked Lilly about it. Lilly told Veronica that Duncan had been acting weird the past few days, but she shouldn't worry because they were meant for each other. The next day, Lilly told Veronica it was for the best, she deserved better, and she needed to move on.

What was the cause of his unexpected and sudden strange behavior? Did Celeste succeed? Did Duncan know something about himself? About Veronica? Does it have anything to do with Lilly's murder or the secret she had before she died?

Or did he think they were related? When Abel Koontz told Veronica that Jake Kane was her father, the shock was devastating and for now, Veronica has put any thoughts of reconciling with Duncan out of her head. Veronica has chosen to live with the uncertainty of whether or not Duncan is her half-brother, rather than confront the possibility that Keith is not her dad.

As for Duncan, who knows what's going on inside his head. Even though he was the one ended the relationship, it's clear he hasn't forgotten Veronica as he calls her name in moments of bliss.

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Clues for Why Did Duncan Dump Veronica?

  • 1.01 "Pilot"
  • "Duncan Kane. Son of software billionaire, Jake Kane, he used to be my boyfriend. Then one day, with no warning, he ended things."
  • Veronica was allowed past the "velvet rope" of the in-crowd because of her relationship with Duncan. She did not have the usual qualification of wealth, although being the sheriff's daughter did have a certain cachet.
  • 1.02 "Credit Where Credit's Due"
  • Duncan's sister, Lilly, believes Celeste Kane, their mother, would try to break Veronica and Duncan up as she would hate anyone that Duncan might love more than her.
  • Veronica's reputation is that she spied on Duncan and sent him pictures of herself after the break up.
  • 1.03 "Meet John Smith"
  • As Duncan experiments with coming off antidepressants and becomes more animated and, perhaps, more like his old self, he calls another girl "Veronica" whilst making out with her. He finds it funny.
  • When Logan refers suggestively to Troy and Veronica, Duncan, now off his anti-depressants, reacts strangely.
  • When Duncan sees Troy and Veronica kissing, he reacts by dangerously jumping off the bleachers.
  • As Veronica takes Duncan to receive medical care, Duncan shows an inclination to reminisce about their past.
  • Duncan does not let Veronica correct the nurse when she refers to Veronica as his girlfriend and is grateful that Veronica stays with him.
  • Is Duncan really over Veronica?
  • 1.05 "You Think You Know Somebody"
  • Lianne Mars was not happy that Veronica was dating Duncan but she did not tell her daughter why.
  • 1.07 "The Girl Next Door"
  • After their breakup, Veronica asked Lilly why Duncan was ignoring her. Lilly told her that Duncan had been acting weird of late but that he was not stupid and they belonged together.
  • Pressed by Veronica, Lilly agreed to try and find out why Duncan had broken up with Veronica. Lilly subsequently told Veronica only that she needed to move on, that it was for the best and that Veronica deserved better.
  • In 1979, Jake and Lianne were high school sweethearts, king and queen of the prom, and the popular expectation was that they would marry.
  • When Veronica asks Duncan if he knew Jake and Lianne were "king and queen of the prom", she believed his response was evasive.
  • 1.08 "Like a Virgin"
  • Kimmy tells Veronica that Duncan is still hung up on her.
  • Veronica tells Duncan that she is not still in love with him and he tells her that he's not hung up on her. Are either speaking the truth?
  • Koontz alleges that Veronica is Jake's daughter.
  • If Duncan believes this to be the case, it may explain why he broke up with her.
  • 1.09 "Drinking the Kool-Aid"
  • Veronica is not certain of her paternity and Duncan may be her half-brother.
  • Veronica comes to terms with the fact that Duncan might be her half-brother, and decides to maintain a friendly relationship with Duncan, instead of simply ignoring him, which was her first reaction.
  • 1.12 "Clash of the Tritons"
  • Duncan discloses to the school counselor, Rebecca James, that he has stopped taking anti-depressants but confirms that he still takes his "old" medication to control his episodes.
  • Veronica overhears this discussion. She had no prior knowledge that Duncan suffered from episodes.
  • 1.14 "Mars vs. Mars"
  • Judging by Veronica's appearance, some time between the break up and Lilly's murder, Duncan was brought to a hospital, kicking and screaming, foaming at the mouth, and calling out Veronica's name.
  • Duncan's medical records show that he is taking oxcarbazepine, a drug used to treat type IV epilepsy. Symptoms include hysterical violent emotional fits that can't be controlled and are often accompanied by complete blackouts and loss of memory.
  • 1.15 "Ruskie Business"
  • Duncan moves on with his love life by wooing and dating Meg Manning, with Veronica's reluctant blessing.
  • 1.16 "Betty and Veronica"
  • In an attempt to end the relationship of Duncan and Veronica, Celeste phoned Veronica and left a message to say she had information about Lianne and Jake.
  • Veronica did not get the message since Lianne intercepted it. Did Duncan?
  • Lianne confirmed that Jake may be Veronica's father, a suspicion that Celeste may well share and have shared with her son.
  • 1.17 "Kanes and Abel's"
  • Logan states that in the week when Duncan dumped Veronica, he witnessed a violent scene where Duncan was choking Jake which Duncan did not remember afterwards.
  • 1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"
  • Duncan tells Veronica the reason he dumped her: Celeste told him that Veronica was his sister.
  • He dumped her to cut her out of his life.
  • He did not succeed in ceasing to love her and when under the influence of GHB, he had sex with her.
  • 1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"
  • Veronica and Duncan are not brother and sister, as Veronica is the daughter of Keith Mars.