Rewatch: 3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"

If you missed the daily #VeronicaMarsRewatch hosted by @NeptuneRising, you can read a transcripts here.…

Don't forget to join us for tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch of S3 EP10 - Show Me the Monkey - see you there at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

I'm sad I missed last night's #VeronicaMarsRewatch, so I'm gonna watch "Spit and Eggs" now. I have thoughts.

Everyone complains about the new theme song (it's not my fave), but I really do like the updated imagery. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

They spoiled this breakup in the promo for episode 3.03. Damn promo monkeys. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"But you never need anything." And Logan breaks my heart yet again. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I want LoVe together as much as anyone, but I've never been prouder of him than I am here. Such a mature breakup. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

So glad they showed us Veronica's breakdown. She tries to be so tough, and yet... #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Re-listening to the #VeronicaMars writers podcast of Show Me The Monkey in preperation for the #VeronicaMarsRewatch Love the writers

I was convinced that Tim was the rapist going into this episode. Completely convinced. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I was an RA in college. That toilet stall problem Mo asks about is pretty realistic, unfortunately. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Anyone hold their breath every time they watch the scene of Logan and Veronica at the party? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

15 minutes until S3 Ep10 - Show Me the Monkey #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Anyone *else*, I mean. Cause I certainly do. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I'm dancing along with Mercer. I hate myself. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Oh, I missed the unicorn stabbing! How perfect was that?! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I love the Logan with a baseball bat scene in part because it takes a minute for you to figure out what's going on. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

That was the most I have ever liked Parker. Which isn't saying much. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

And here is where my #VeronicaMarsRewatch normally ends. Can I get through the rest of the season without alcohol?

Keith and V as farmers? Can't see it! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"You're lucky I'm not a farmer. You'd be out plowing a field." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"By the time we dug him up, he was manilla" Oh V, always going there #VeronicaMarsRewatch

#VeronicaMarsRewatch Season 1 episode 7 the girl next door. Ok this the last one

@NeptuneRising I'm sure that would be a bad show... Veronica milking a cow doesn't sound like fun #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ruled a suicide 6 weeks ago? Was this when the hiatuses started? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Mac! I LoVe all the Mac we get in this episode! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I really didn't like the fast forward six weeks #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Somebody called Tech Support?" I love that Mac works in tech support. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"All that's missing is a hole in the wall shaped like the Hulk!" Oh Mac.... #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Life insurance will only deny benefits for suicide in the first two years of the policy. TV always gets this wrong. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

watch the bf play hockey or rewatch? Well, I'm here #VeronicaMarsRewatch

VERONICA: We're talking "monkey" as in... MAC: "Touch my..." Hehehehe, oh Mac! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"And the people coming to take me away" OMG VERONICA BHAHAHAHAA @NeptuneRising #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@susanmichelin I dont either, but they were off the air for 6 weeks (so they could search for the next pussycat dol) #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Can't we just agree this is Veronica time! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

And the people coming to take me away.... #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 24, 1:04am
nfinitegladness @nfinitegladness

Life insurance will only deny benefits for suicide in the first two years of the policy. TV always gets this wrong. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@nfinitegladness The more you know! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"We're talking monkey as in..." "Touch my." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 24, 1:04am
nfinitegladness @nfinitegladness

Life insurance will only deny benefits for suicide in the first two years of the policy. TV always gets this wrong. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

seriosilly @seriosilly

@nfinitegladness fun fact, or um not that fun of a fact, really but interesting haha. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Well, Veronica being known as the go-to-person for missing monkeys is a step up from being known as a whore. I think. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"And the people coming to take me away." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

“Because, I take it, monkeys are delicious? And, dude, "girth-challenged" is the preferred nomenclature.” #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"And the people coming to take me away" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"If there's hilarity I charge extra." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"and the branch breaks and hilarity ensues." "If there's hilarity, I charge extra." #VeronicaMarsRewatch I love Veronica/Mac banter!

All we need is one more angel and we've got a show #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Having a dad who's a PI could be troublesome! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"You holding out a banana in a tree calling here monkey monkey then the branch brakes, hilarity ensues" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Please pal around with Weevil, Keith. PLEASE. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"So my mollusk shoes are cool?" want mollusk shoes! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ah yes I'm Canadian. They pick Canada totally love that about this episode. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica's face when Parker says "single and on the rebound" is amazing. #VeronicaMarsRewatch @NeptuneRising

Branson! I loved him and Mac together. He's adorable. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I love that she sniffs him.... awkward, yet funny! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Hmmm Mac and a leather mini skirt YES PLEASE!! #VeronicaMarsRewatch yes I'm weak

Love how Veronica says..."what I raised my hand?" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Goodbye cruel world zzzzzzzzzzzzzz" It's not a funny subject, and yet I chuckle! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Loving the Mac episode. So glad we get more of her in up coming episodes. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Oh Dick, really - poor unsuspecting bystanders! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Apparently they wanted @TedNugent but he was unavailabe because he was bow hunting #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Aaaah, Dick and his strange hobbies. If I were that rich I would have hobbies like that too. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

wife: "this music for Dick fulfilling his namesake is awesome." #VeronicaMarsRewatch

LOGAN: My man parts are intact. DICK: Show me. #Bromance #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Dick. How do you come up with these things? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Classic Dick taking a Polaroid of his namesake. @HiRyanHansen #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Garden State was never a book" "Oops, there goes that paper" Love you Dick #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@HiRyanHansen Do you still take polaroids under your bathrobe? My address is forthcoming #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Logan: "My man parts are in tact" Dick: "Show me" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica is impressed rather than shocked that Keith can pinpoint her exact location without her phone. #97PItestScore #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@NeptuneRising I guess Logan should be glad that he's not asking him to show unsuspecting bystanders on the street. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I do a wicked picket- my new band name #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 24, 1:13am
Chocolicious802 @Chocolicious802

"Garden State was never a book" "Oops, there goes that paper" Love you Dick #VeronicaMarsRewatch

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@Chocolicious802 I'm sure @zachbraff appreciated the shout-out. :D #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Oh Mackie Mac me thinks someone likes you. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

For a letter-writing campaign, I'd have those sponges you can dip your fingers in instead of licking the envelopes. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica could use a lesson in subtlety #VeronicaMarsRewatch

You look sad. You and your friend Weevil have a fight or something? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Veronica? When she played peewee soccer she made her own penalty cards so she could red card players she didn't like" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

V: Sheesh. Good thing we don't have any good stuff. #FatherDaughterBanter #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Participating in #VeronicaMarsRewatch on @Via_Rail & trying to convert my fellow passengers into Marrshhmallows. ;)

Sheesh good thing we don't have any good stuff. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Veronica: "Sheesh, good thing we don't have any good stuff." #VeronicaMarsRewatch 315

Everything north of San Francisco is just thunderdome to you, isn't it??? #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ah, Mac prospective new love interest. I was so happy and excited for her when I first saw this. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

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