Rewatch: 2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"

"It's the Haves vs. the Butts… and I haves the butts." - I randomly made that up while rewatching #VeronicaMars #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ughhhhh Logan and Veronica are so meant to be I just can't #LoVe #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@NeptuneRising Sorry I'm favoriting everyone's tweets from Plan B but I'm just slightly behind on my #VeronicaMarsRewatch haha

Feb 10, 4:33am
MrsElleKate @MrsElleKate

@NeptuneRising Oh! That's the episode I'm currently on! I'll be joining in as I view it for the first time! ##VeronicaMars

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@MrsElleKate awesome!! The more marshmallows the better at the #VeronicaMarsRewatch =)

Feb 10, 4:37am
Dorv @Dorv

@NeptuneRising I don’t think I ever made the connection it was her until tonight. Previously thought it was Vinny’s GF mentioned earlier.

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@Dorv You should join us for the #VeronicaMarsRewatch. They are so much fun and it's great when fans bring up discussion points like this =)

Feb 10, 4:56am
Dorv @Dorv

@NeptuneRising I was trying to catch up. I’ve been following it the whole time; the production joining in is a very cool get.

NeptuneRising @NeptuneRising

@Dorv we are so happy the cast can join us for some episodes! Major #VeronicaMarsRewatch bonus =D

@princessT_3 We watching using our DVDs, iTunes, or @amazonvideo. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Aaaaand once again I choose V-Mars over sleep..I mean, who needs sleep? V-Mars is waaaay more important. #VeronicaMarsRewatch #veronicamars

Just watched @MrGrabeel in #VeronicaMarsRewatch -seems to find his way into all my fave shows ☺️

Today's Episode for the Countdown Till #VeronicaMars is Donut Run. Almost a month away!!! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ugh! I fell asleep 15 minutes before last night's #VeronicaMarsRewatch with @NeptuneRising and I can't do another until Wed. :(

Love the Karaoke scene in Clash of the Tritons #VeronicaMarsRewatch #Onewayoranother

Rewatching @veronicamars before the movie comes out COME ON NOW SHUGAH @IMKristenBell #VeronicaMars #VeronicaMarsMovie #VeronicaMarsRewatch 

Seriously is anyone, aside from maybe @mrchrislowell , team Piz? #veronicamarsrewatch #veronicamars

My ideal season 3, LoVe never breaks up, Parker is murdered, & Piz is her killer. #veronicamarsrewatch

Today's #VeronicaMarsRewatch S2ep19 Nevermind the Buttocks starts at 5pmPST =)

Estoy planteándome quedarme al #veronicamarsrewatch esta noche o no... hasta el lunes que viene no hay entrella invitada >.< nos e que hacer

Creo que me voy a ir a la cama a leer un rato y a dormir, solo porque ayer dormí fatal y me lo merezco. Lo siento #veronicamarsrewatch :(

Duncan wears blue in literally every early episode. #veronicamarsrewatch

A little less than an hour my Marshmallow friends till the #VeronicaMarsRewatch #NevermindTheButtocks 2x19 is tonight! :D

Catching up on episodes of #VeronicaMarsRewatch that I missed so I can join tonight! Then back to my @FlashpointTeam1 rewatch, fun night!

"The sheriff is an IDIOT. I've met smarter sandwiches!" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Oh Dick Casablancas's first appearance is the best. #veronicamarsrewatch @HiRyanHansen

30 minutes marshmallows! Get your dvds ready! :D #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Paris Hilton will always be Caitlin Ford to me. #veronicamarsrewatch

Guest stars so far: Paris Hilton, Melissa Leo. #veronicamarsrewatch

Wallace's reaction to the mixtape Justin gave Veronica>>>>> #veronicamarsrewatch

Settling down with a bastardized version of my husband's butterbeer concoction for the #veronicamarsrewatch #fandomscollide #harrypotter

Oh man I hate this lawyer wowww he's such a jerk. #VeronicaMarsRewatch @NeptuneRising

I wouldn't underestimate Kendall's abilities either ... #veronicamarsrewatch

Aww poor mouse! I could never do that! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Weevil seems to enjoy feeding that mouse to the snake a little too much, you know? #veronicamarsrewatch

Why don't I have a cell phone intercepter #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Please respect the business model, Veronica." I do love Mac #veronicamarsrewatch

"Not to a murderer." Can't argue that logic dude #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I do the gadgets, you do the actual espionage." I love Mac! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

B: "That was youre secret knock?" V: " The genuis is its simpliesity" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Excellent secret knock! Would have fooled me! #veronicamarsrewatch

I do have a lot of trouble watching the rat feeing scene. #animallover #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Aww Butters is adorable. I forgot he was a sweetie. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

333, who else would joke about meeting Satan halfway? #veronicamarsrewatch

Who else would brag about meeting Satan halfway? Go Weevil. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I love when Mac has no idea that Veronica has sold her to Butters as a date! She is so confused by his questions. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Survivalist stew ... sounds delicious. #veronicamarsrewatch

I REALLY want a "SMELL IT BITCH" tshirt #VeronicaMarsRewatch

The look on Mac's face. This is why @tinamajorino is Mac. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Ummmm, love how Weevil just stays quiet when Veronica asks if he'd off the guy who killed Felix. Oh Veronica. #veronicamarsrewatch

Veronica was always so quick to assume the worst of Weevil. Such a shame. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Running late, but here now. : ) #VeronicaMarsRewatch

That's some bad fake crying. Covers hand with face to hide the fact there's no tears. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Any way I could pay you with meat?" "Meat?" Such a weird question! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Is there any way I can pay you with meat ". It seems the barter system is alive and well in Neptune. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Jackie and Ronnie ... I always thought they could have been better friends. #veronicamarsrewatch

"Meat?" Knowing that Kristen doesn't eat meat makes this line all the more funny. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

If only you knew who the real Jackie is. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Feb 11, 1:12am
pinkbh2005 @pinkbh2005

"Any way I could pay you with meat?" "Meat?" Such a weird question! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

seriosilly @seriosilly

@pinkbh2005 And @IMKristenBell is a vegetarian! #veronicamarsrewatch

I like that Veronica and Jackie now get along enough that Veronica vouches for her to get a job. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Jackie has straight hair! I think it looks nice both ways. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

L:"I'm not blonde." V: "or hot" V I don't believeeee you!! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Logan may be a little fuzzy on the commandents. #heh #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Dangers of pop culture jokes. South Beach? Outdated reference to UPN show that lasted only 8-episode. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Logan may be a little fuzzy about the commandments." That's one way to put it. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I made this townie girl moan without using my hands -I bet you did! @jason_dohring #veronicamarsrewatch

What do you want me to do Wallace my burqa's at the cleaners #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"I like to start everyday with a hot blond waiting for me. . .". And there's the line! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

@NeptuneRising have to consult my feelings journal. Lol #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Yeah you go to Neptune, you're like a cheerleader or something" "Or something" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Super late for tonight's #VeronicaMarsRewatch. My husband doesn't understand how important it is for me to be home at 7.

Oh Jackie, making Wallace work for it. And that was slick Wallace. Really slick. #veronicamarsrewatch

"2bits 4bits 6bits a dollar. And as a bonus I won't beat you silly!" Loved that scene #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Kinda funny that a dog house in Neptune is designed to look like an igloo. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

"Everytime I see their stupid fake deer faces, I wanna grab and shotgun and go all Cheney on them" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

I wanna grab a shotgun and go all Cheney on them. Heh. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

And as a bonus I won't beat you silly! #VeronicaMarsRewatch

The Cheney reference feels old but still funny. #veronicamarsrewatch

V: "hello weird hairdo girl.. Who it's not Kendall" #VeronicaMarsRewatch

Weevil, play harder to get, they hurt you. #VeronicaMarsRewatch

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