Veronica Mars on Kickstarter's Most Pledged Day

On March 3, 2014 Kickstarter passed $1 billion in pledges. In celebration of reaching that milestone, Kickstarter also revealed:

For Veronica Mars fans, March 13, 2013 is significant because that's the day the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter launched. On the first day of the Veronica Mars campaign, 37,968 backers pledged $2,351,920.

Here's a comparison of the Veronica Mars project vs the other 1,984 projects on the record-setting March 13th.

The fact that Veronica Mars made up 58% of the pledges but its average pledge was 40% lower than the combined average pledge of the other 1,984 projects ($61.94 vs $103.44) reaffirms the conclusion from the top Kickstarter film projects comparison:

The reason why Veronica Mars was able to raise SO. MUCH. MONEY. is because it has SO. MANY. BACKERS. What VM fans lack in money, they make up for in mass devotion.

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