• It's official: Kristen Bell will appear on Party Down

    TV Squad: February 19, 2009

    Another positive review for Rob Thomas's Party Down

    I laughed out loud more than once while watching a preview ep of Party Down. The writing is hilarious, the ensemble cast is great, and the tone is just right. It's not too over the top and its not too dramatic. It's a workplace comedy not unlike The Office, but every episode features a new setting and about four hundred F-bombs. I hope STARZ puts this thing online, because, um, who the hell subscribes to STARZ.

  • Veronica Mars: The Complete Third Season

    Sydney Morning Herald: February 14, 2009

    Review of the VM season 3 DVDs.

    VERONICA MARS is everything a modern heroine should be — smart, brave, anti-authoritarian, hot. She's Buffy without the self-pity.

    stringing a mystery out over 20 episodes requires skill: twists must not be too tortuous; red herrings must not come in a school. Creator Rob Thomas managed well in season one but struggled subsequently, although the third season recovers some ground lost in the second.

    This six-disc set — along with the two preceding seasons — ensures that the whip-smart teen PI can continue to serve as a role model of empowerment for young girls for years to come.


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