• A Housewife Sounds Off on Marcia Cross' Advocate Scandal; Plus, Bachelor Charlie's Surprising Secret

    E! Online: February 28, 2005

    Honestly, I'm going to be so heartbroken if this show doesn't survive, so if you, like me, happen to think this show is better than any other show on television right now (I'm not kidding, I do), please vote for it in our S.O.S. campaign in the column!

    Update: Veronica Mars won the poll with an astounding
    56% of the votes
    . The second place Arrested Development only received 9% of the votes.

  • TWoP Recap: Ruskie Business

    Television Without Pity: February 27, 2005

    ...this is the best, most interesting show I've ever recapped, which, thank the HoPs, is saying a lot.

  • TV Preview: A smart 'Veronica Mars' searches for viewers

    Pittsburgh Post Gazette: February 22, 2005

    Finally, something fans of Nancy Drew and Buffy the Vampire Slayer can agree on: Veronica Mars, a TV show with a heroine who bridges the gulf between brainy sleuth and smart-mouthed, demon-destroying slayer.

    Midway through its first season on UPN..."Veronica Mars" the best character-driven mystery you're not watching -- if the ratings are to be believed.

  • There's no mystery to appeal of teen sleuth

    The Plain Dealer: February 20, 2005

    There's no question that ABC's Desperate Housewives and Lost have been the rookie shows making the most noise and grabbing the most media attention. But one of the absolute delights of the season has been the quiet triumph of UPN's Veronica Mars.

    Starring Kristen Bell as an ever-resourceful teen detective, this inventive series remains as humorous as it is heartfelt. If you haven't yet discovered this winning update of the Nancy Drew detective drama, then imagine a sly and stylish show that's part mystery, part high school soap opera and part family drama.

  • Gracie's Choice

    DVD Talk: February 2, 2005

    The best new show of the season -- and remember, this is not an opinion, but objective, irrefutable fact! -- is UPN's Veronica Mars. There's a lot to like about Rob Thomas' junior detective drama, from its stellar supporting cast to some of the most clever plot twists on network television. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the show is its leading lady, Kristen Bell, who's just a hell of an actress. Bell has the chops to effortlessly juggle a character who's wickedly sarcastic, incredibly bright, and still tender and vulnerable; it's that depth she offers that helps make Veronica Mars -- both the character and the show -- so hopelessly endearing.


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