• Mars vs. Summers

    TV Squad: November 30, 2005

    Veronica Mars vs Buffy.

  • `Mars' as good as `Buffy' without all the demons

    Chicago Tribune: November 30, 2005

    Veronica Mars is as good as Buffy.

  • Outta This World!

    TV WEEK: November 28, 2005

    Kristen Bell, the star of summer's big new hit, *Veronica Mars*, talks about
    life in Neptune!
    The creator of Veronica Mars, Rob Thomas, describes the drama's title
    character as being "not cute - sexy. Tough. Prematurely jaded. Angelina
    Jolie at 17." And although Kristen Bell is eight years older than the
    schoolgirl she portrays, the actress agrees that Veronica packs a powerful

    "She's the coolest girl I know." Kristen says, "She just has so many
    admirable qualities. She's the girl everybody wants to be friends with, but
    the funny thing is, on the show nobody wants to be friends with her."

    While Veronica goes from being part of the in-crowd to being a loner after
    the death of her best friend Lilly Kane, Kristen is one of the most
    in-demand young stars in Hollywood. With a career already encompassing
    theatre, guest spots on shows like *Deadwood* and film roles, she showed
    even more versatility earlier this year when she competed in "Emmy Idol",
    singing the theme tune from *Fame* during the 2005 Emmy Awards.Yet Kristen
    is happy playing a social outcast. "People like to root for the underdog,"
    she says.

    "The greatest thing about the show is that is portrays high school
    realistically; it's not just a big afterschool party, you know? Let's face
    it: high school is the cruelist time of your life."


    WHO MAGAZINE: November 28, 2005

    *High-school detective*
    The Dandy Warhols' catchy "We Used to Be Friends" opens this series, billed
    as *The OC* meets *Twin Peaks*. But it's more Bogie meets Buffy, with
    protagonist Veronica (Kristen Bell) a high-school loner by day and a
    tough-gal private eye by night. She used to hang with the populars, till
    her rich boyfriend's sister was murdered and her sherriff dad (*Just Shoot
    Me's* Enrico Colantoni) supposedly bungled the case - and that's just the
    start of the plot complications. Veronica may lack friends in her hometown
    but she's sure won us over.

  • Veronica Mars

    The Age: November 27, 2005

    Aussie The Age reviews Veronica Mars.

    Teen-detective show is likely to be one of the great delights of the summer.

  • Veronica Mars, Aussie review. November 26, 2005

    Aussie review of Veronica Mars.

    Find out why this teen detective series is the best show to premiere this summer.

  • Let's GO!

    The Oregonian: November 25, 2005

    Talks about watching TV shows on DVD, mentions Veronica Mars.

  • Wicked twists in plotlines show exciting life on 'Mars'

    Pulp: November 18, 2005

    Review of Veronica Mars.

    If Nancy Drew and Sam Spade had a daughter, she would probably be a lot like teenage detective Veronica Mars.

  • Our (Cult) Hero

    TV Guide: November 16, 2005

    Veronica Mars is too original a show to be easily pigeonholed and too good to get lost against Lost.

  • Veronica Mars: "Lord Of The Bling" Through "Leave It To Beaver"

    Moriarty's DVD Shelf: November 6, 2005

    Moriarty reviews the Veronica Mars DVD.

  • 'Veronica Mars' better than 'Buffy'?

    TimesDispatch: November 5, 2005

    Lists the six ways in which UPN's "Veronica Mars" is the new "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

  • UPN's teen sleuth commands a powerful fictional universe.

    The Harvard Independent: November 3, 2005

    The Harvard Independent reviews Veronica Mars and recaps Blast from the Past.


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