• TV Review: Veronica Mars

    Entertainment Weekly: October 29, 2004

    The premise sounds a tad Nancy Drew....But it turns out Veronica Mars is far more than Drew redux.

  • What's on?: A look at TV's Class of 2004

    The Onion A.V. Club: October 20, 2004

    Tightly plotted and bristling with energy and wit, Veronica Mars feels less like television than like a movie serial unfolding every week; each episode offers self-contained pleasures, but the overarching mystery steadily evolves to addicting effect.

  • I Like to Watch October 11, 2004

    ...are we really prepared to believe that a teenage girl could run around town, shooting pictures, gathering evidence, calling on favors from some local officials and manipulating others? More importantly, do we care who killed her dumb best friend, even if her mother and her ex-boyfriend's father are both, somewhat cartoonishly, involved?

    The answer is yes. Veronica Mars embraces the classic warmth and deep comfort of the Teenage Girl Protagonist With Unrealistic Abilities formula but throws in a bunch of lovable underdogs and finely crafted storylines with just a soupcon of melodrama and wit.

  • TV Gal Like Likes 'life': Highlights of the Week Ahead October 4, 2004

    If you aren't watching Veronica Mars (Tuesday, UPN, 9 p.m.) I would like a short essay as to why not. And the answer better not be that you are watching One Tree Hill (Tuesday, WB, 9 p.m.) instead or I'm giving you all a TV time out. Watching the smart, clever, sassy and independent women of Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars back-to-back is a nice antidote to the women of Survivor and The Apprentice.

  • Veronica Mars: PopMatters Television Review

    PopMatters: October 4, 2004

    Equal parts intrigue, drama, and humor, Veronica Mars is also a lesson book for the disenfranchised. Few tv series aim so high; even fewer succeed so well.

  • I will survive

    Guardian Unlimited: October 2, 2004

    It's Buffy The Hard-Boiled, Teenage Private Detective! It's My-So Called Life As A Deadpan Wisecracking Investigator Of Cheating Husbands And Far-Reaching Cover-Ups! It's Veronica Mars, the best-reviewed (and least-watched) of the new series.


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