Alison MacInnis (Shelley)

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Alison MacInnis

"Oh Shelley! My Shelley"
With apologies to Walt Whitman

O Shelley! my Shelley! our interview is done,
This site has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won,
The end is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the steady web, the email grim and daring;
But O line! line! line!
O the bleeding drops of pink,
Where on the deck the Shelley lies,
Fallen under Duncan.

About You Do you mind if I call you Alison? No? How about Ms. MacInnis? Allison Mack? AliMac? Madison? "Veronica"?

AliMac: [sputtering] What? What?? Allison Mack? Do I look anything like that midget on Smallville? Pfff!!! Heheh, actually, she's a cutie, but the nifty name belongs to her. AliMac? Sure, fine, kind of makes me sound like a beefy trucker in a mesh hat. [spitting on ground and rearranging pants], Veronica? Nah...Buffy? Maybe...

[Editor's note: "Rearranging pants"...OMG, AliMac is a guy?! So Duncan did end up making out with a 18-year-old boy! Ewww, ewww, ewww!...or...HoYay!] According to IMDb, you got a real kick-start to your career with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue playing Pink Lightspeed Ranger Dana Mitchell. What's Queen Bansheera like in real life? Who's more of a zombie, medicated Duncan or the Red Lightspeed Ranger? During Shelley's makeout session with Duncan, he bursts out laughing. How did you manage to keep a straight face when you were battling Diabolico, Vypra, and Loki and their cheesy costumes? Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, was a character in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Neptune is also the name of the town where this show takes place. Is this a mere coincidence, or is it a sign that you were destined to guest star on Veronica Mars?

AliMac: Queen Bansheera. Nasty witch, really didn't get on well with her. She always took the best cookies from craft service and there was never any coffee left after she'd been around. I am pretty sure she used the casting couch to get the role, no one could stand the wench!! But the 5'2" man controlling the costume was a funny guy, lol...Zombies? Oh no, Dear, let's just see them as more easily controlled, shall we? Zombie no. Even at his most medicated, Duncan still lit my fire. Keeping a straight face with those Monster characters and their costumes was no easy feat. But I did kind of have a crush on Diabolico, he made me blush a little. Neptune, right, nice call, lol, but I lived in the Aquabase, does that still count as a nifty coincidence?

[Editor's note 1: Diabolico? What, are you kidding me? Everyone knows that Impus was the hottie of the group.]

[Editor's note 2: What an amazing coincidence! If you rearrange the letters of Aquabase, it forms the phrase "que aba sa," which loosely translated from the Latin means "one-line guest appearance on Veronica Mars." That is scary.]

Alison MacInnis as Dana Mitchell

[Insider's info: You guys see that huge watch-like thing on Dana's wrist? It is called a Morpher and it was used to change the characters into Rangers. They were actually toys sold in Wal-Mart and those are the actual ones used on the show. If an actor dropped or broke one, they would send a P.A. right to the local Wal-Mart in Santa Clarita to buy a new one.

Every Ranger series from the beginning used those same Toy Morphers. Apparently each season the tech crew would try to individualize or customize for that particular season's theme. Lightspeed Rescue was different from prior seasons in that it had a mirror...with some kind of powers...but the actors loved the mirrors so they could check their teeth after sneaking off to the craft services table...

And that weird black tube thing that Alison is gripping? It's an arm from the Batling creature which was a popular creature, a minion of all of the bad guys.] Even though you were only a line guest star, you are at the center of a storm of controversy. Forget about the "Who Killed Lilly?" debate, the real question is "How many Shellies are there?" There are bloodthirsty, armed factions forming on both sides of the debate. One side is convinced that Shelly Pomroy and Duncan's-backseat-makeout-buddy Shelley are the same character. The other side maintains that they are two separate characters. Hundreds of TWoPers have lost their posting privileges in the vicious flamewar. To avoid further bloodshed and bring peace and harmony to our little TWoP boards, would you once and for all settle this raging debate. Will the real Shelly/Shelley please stand up? Or in your case, will the real Shelley please put her clothes back on?

AliMac: I am THE REAL Shelley!! ME ME ME!!! Well, at least I had the best scene with Duncan Kane, right? Mmmm, kissing in the tiny back seat with all the crew watching. Any girl's dream date. As for the other "wanna be" Shelleys...they can take a number, Duncan's so totally mine! Back off Chicas or I'll borrow that stun gun that Veronica used on Felix and have atcha! Remember I was a Pink Power Ranger. I am trained in firearms.

But seriously, I hope that Duncan can refocus on me, THE one and only Shelley, well, that is if he ever gets over that Veronica fixation of his. I for one liked it a whole lot better when Duncan thought Veronica was his Lil'Sis!

[Editor's note: Ahhh, Duncan laughing about his incestuous fantasy while making out with the not-the-pilot Shelly...[sigh]. Those were the halcyon days.] What would you consider your career high to date? Can you please present your answer in the form of a bar graph based on number of lines per performance—if the number of lines is equal, separate based on either quality of said lines or time spent making out—with error bars representing standard deviation? We'll give you, say, three degrees of freedom. We know the obvious answer would be your role in Bewitched with Nicole Kidman, but come on now, are you honestly going to say that anything can ever top your experience on Veronica Mars, the bestest show ever made in the entire universe?

AliMac: Well you're funny, aren't you? Lemme see...Will Ferrell...heard of him before? I had scenes with him...well a scene...okay a line...uh...a word anyway I was in the same scene as he was okay? He's a pretty nifty guy. He told me I did a great job! And Hey, you read my résumé...I did a film with David Cassidy! But come on, truth be told, I got to have my first ever on screen kiss with Teddy Dunn!!! Couldn't get much better than that, right girls? And yes, he is an amazing kisser, I was barely able to remember my massive line. That was one special moment in my career. A girl never forgets her first.

[Editor's note: Oh, oh, oh, we have the perfect comeback to that answer, but this is a family-friendly site. Doh! Dear readers, re-read AliMac's answer and see if you can find the joke.]

[AliMac's note: What joke, Editor? I don't see no stinkin' joke.] Any idiosyncrasies you'd care to share? A tendency to burst into song at parties, sleeping in your Pink Power Rangers outfit, liking the music of O-Town? Calling out the names of ex-boyfriends at highly inappropriate times?

AliMac: Power Ranger bet. Can you say Ebay? I WISH I had gotten an outfit!! O-Town, please never mention them in my presence [shuddering]. That Music Video I shot with them...arghhhh...brrrrr...trapped on a boat with a boy band blaring their cheesy make-out song for several hours...Freezing cold...I STILL have nightmares about that night. LOL. Calling out names, no that's not me. I am terrible with names. I usually just point or motion and hope the present boy gets the picture ;)

[Editor's note: We have found that flashing our sports bra (™ Veronica) is also an effective way to get a boy's attention. AliMac, if you need any other dating tips, call us. We're totally here for you babe.]

About the Show What was it like shooting the pilot? Wait a second...wrong Shelly. Never mind.

AliMac: You really know how to hurt a girl's feelings...

[Editor's note: you're a girl now? Oh man, we're so confused.]

[AliMac's note: Hmmfff! I'm a girl all right!] What were your first impressions walking onto the Veronica Mars set? Anyone immediately strike you as incredibly HOT, sex on legs...ahem, huh? How much time did you actually spend on the set? Did you meet any of the cast members besides Teddy?

AliMac: First impression? Well, I didn't get to see anything but the outside where the scene was going to be shot. It was dark, I didn't feel the need to wander around the studio lot at night. Incredibly hot? Oh yeah, Kristen's puppy!!! Sweet little thing came running into the makeup trailer to get loves from everyone, yes, totally hot legs. And yes, I did meet Kristen Bell, in fact she came in right behind her Puppy. VERY sweet girl, I really liked her instantly. Kristen is more pretty in person than on screen even. And she is a great actress. I love to watch her performances. Her subtleness. Her strength. Kristen is perfect in the role. Actually, I felt kinda bad messing with her ex-boy,

[Editor's note: So through the puppy, you met Kristen, who was trailing closely behind. Lucky you. The only thing that my dog leaves behind is a trail site, family-friendly site.] IMDb has you as being in the second episode, "Credit Where Credit's Due." We have rewatched that episode a million times. Where in the world are you? Is that your arm in the scene? Did you even know that IMDb said you were in two episodes? Does it surprise you that VM-obsessed fans would take the time to look up your IMDb bio and notice something like that?

AliMac: I figured out how to see it, run the sequence on super slow mo and you can see a shadow that vaguely resembles me...Sort of. If you use your imagination...Noticed the two episode thing, I guess IMDb can't figure out the Shelley issue either! VM obsessed fans surprising me? Honey, compared to those Mighty Morphin Power Ranger guys are TAME!!!! Have I ever told you about the time a 16-yr-old Fan flew across the country and snuck onto our Lot and made it all the way to my dressing room door, just so he could get an autograph? I kid you not!

[Editor's note: After all these years you still remember me? Awww. Your autograph is my most prized possession. Your shrine and the shrine to Brad's shoe look so good together in my living room.] Based on your head shot, we think you look kind of like Kristen Bell. Have you ever thought of kidnapping her and showing up on the set to play Veronica? Think about it, you might someday be an answer to an SAT question: Dick York is to Dick Sargent as Kristen Bell is to _____.

AliMac: Well, ya think I could pull it off without anyone noticing? hmnnnnn... That was a really cute outfit you wore in "An Echolls Family Christmas." Where can I buy that jacket? Wait a second...wrong Shelly again. Dammit.


[Editor's note: Every self respecting Buffy fan knows the correct phrase is actually "Grr. Arrgh." (™ Mutant Enemy Monster)] Everyone on our web team and all the VM fans at TWoP think Rob Thomas is a freaking genius. The cast, fans, and critics always praise the writing on the show. We know it's hard to judge the writing since you only had one line, but when you auditioned for the part did you get the sense that Veronica Mars was one of the best shows of the season? Or did you just view it as just another script?

AliMac: I was impressed with the Veronica Mars script. Most of the TV show scripts I read, I don't have the inclination to ever watch the show, but this show really roped me in. I am a total fan now and if only the real Shelley would show back up in Neptune, I would be a happy girl. In fact, if you guys or you TWoPers could mount a campaign to get THE real Shelly (me) brought back to help Duncan recover from all of the season ending shocks, I would REALLY be a happy girl!

[Editor's note: The challenge has been issued. The Save Our Shelly (S.O.S.) campaign has begun. Here's our campaign manifesto.

An Ode to "The Shelly"

The future Mrs. Duncan Kane.
The idea isn't that insane.
She'll finally get a two-part name.
Then her bio will move to main.] Our signature questions – We know you were horizontal most of the time so it's hard to tell, but how much taller are you than Kristen Bell? How embarrassed will you be when the DVDs come out? Will there be embarrassing outtakes of your scene with Teddy? As Shelley 1.3, do you prefer Backup 1.0, Backup 1.5, or Backup 2.0?

AliMac: Well I am at least 6 inches taller than Kristen. Actually, I would never be embarrassed, are you kidding, I WISH there were more out takes of that scene, for my part Teddy seemed to be enjoying the scene as much as I...But hey, we were so good, we shot the thing in just a couple of takes (darn darn darn!!!) How about THE Shelley, hmmmm? I refuse to be labeled by a number. I think that sounds quite fine. And I like Backup 1.0 the Original. See we 'originals' gotta stick together.

[Editor's note: We're sure the lineless-but-has-a-surname-pilot Shelley would have something to say about your claim that your one-line-but-no-surname-third-episode Shelly is "The Original." Assuming of course that the actress who played that Shelley can actually talk. OMG, maybe she's a mute! That explains why after appearing in countless episodes, Rob never gave her a single line. It all makes perfect sense now. That must be the reason why he replaced the wordless Shelley 1.0 with the moan-giggle Shelley 3.0!]

[Editor's note 2: Every self-respecting Veronica Mars fan knows the correct phrase is actually "Superfine." (™ Caz)]

About the Character What was the audition process like for a one-line guest star? Were there rounds of rounds of auditions with dozens of actresses? How many times did you have to say, "What did you just call me?" before you got the role? Were any of the cast members, writers, producers, etc. present at the audition or was it up to the casting director to pick an actress?

AliMac: Oh yeah, there actually were a few rounds for that role, much driving involved, line being said MANY times. [sigh] Actually I am glad you asked that. I don't think anyone realizes or understands how hard it is to win any role on any TV show, let alone THE SHELLY one liner!!!! The casting Director was there and she is really nice. I have read for her a few times before. There were some others also in the casting room, but I'm not sure of their names. What did you do to prepare for the role of Shelley? Did you go all Method and start making out with some rich, drugged-up high schoolers?

AliMac: Ooooooh, brilliant idea! I will try that next time!

[Editor's note: Glad we could help you. AliMac, if you need any other acting tips, call us. We're totally here for you babe. But you should learn from Aaron's mistake; never leave evidence of these romps behind.] How did having Shelly's dad be the ambassador to Belgium affect your performance? Wait a minute...wrong Shelly again. God-freakin'-why-can't-Rob-come-up-with-different-names-for-each-of-the- characters—dammit.


[Editor's note: Geez we heard you the first time. There's no need to repeat yourself, Veronica...Whoops. Shelly. I meant to say Shelly.] Were you mad when Duncan...I mean, Teddy "accidentally" called you Veronica? I mean, sure, it was in the script, but it must have ticked you off. Didn't you just want to beat him over the head with a rusty shovel?

AliMac: Nah, are you kidding. I'm no dummy. In fact too bad for me Teddy didn't flub the lines. The more takes, the more kissy face! I just kept hoping he'd mess up so we could shoot it again but, oh no. Teddy is quite the professional, shucks!

[Editor's note: At least you got to go all kissy face with Teddy. All wykbbb got was as stupid handshake.] Any chance you'll be back on the show? Since they never actually showed Duncan and Shelley breaking up, are they still dating? At the recent cast signing in New York, Kristen jokingly gave a thumbs down when the announcer mentioned that Duncan was dating Meg. To tell you the truth, we never bought that whole cartoon birds braiding her hair" act either. Is there anything you would like to say to Meg for stealing Duncan away from you?

AliMac: Meg? Are you kidding? Oh whatever, she is so a minute fling. We all know she doesn't stand a chance between me and V, Riiiiight?

[Editor's note: Great going, AliMac. You've made our resident Meg-is-so-purty team member cry.] There is this rumor floating around that you filmed an Emmy-worthy, and some might even argue Oscar-worthy, breakup scene with Teddy. Unfortunately TPTB decided to cut your scene, because they were afraid that your scene would split the votes of the Emmy nomination committee and decrease the odds of Kristen's getting an Emmy nomination. Would you like to confirm or deny this rumor? We know if they left that scene in, you would be a shoe-in for winning the Emmy for best lead actress in a dramatic series. How does it feel to know that you were on the cusp of getting your first major award, but to have the rug pulled out from under you?

AliMac: Awwww, yeah, no, didn't happen...So hope lives on that I will be back in the SUV at some point, YAY!!

[Editor's note: Some actresses dream of winning an Emmy, some dream of winning an Oscar. AliMac on the other hand dreams of being in the backseat. Now that is's kind of actress.] It's your birthday. Rob Thomas says he will write you a scene, one scene where your character will do whatever you want. And as an added bonus, this time you will actually get TWO whole lines. Wow! What would like those two lines to be?

AliMac: Hmmmm...No, that's too dirty to say out loud...That too...Well sorry!! Thinking about Teddy again, little flustered, lol...Teddy and my birthday cake. Enough said.

[Editor's note: Teddy...Cake...Teddy...Cake. A cakey Teddy. A Teddy cake. Ummm...Doh! Family-friendly site, family-friendly site, family friendly site.]

About the Cast We usually ask the cast members who's the funniest, most serious, most outgoing, most shy, etc. However, since we're not even sure you met all the cast members, here's some questions that you should be able to answer. Who's the blondest? Who's the baldest? Who's the girliest? (I hope the answer is Kristen, but if it's not...HoYay!) Considering your brief time on the set, can you even name all the members of the cast? Which cast member is most likely able to pick you out of a police line-up? (Not that we think you're going to be arrested or anything, but you never know.) Who has the sexier bald head, Enrico or Francis? (In case you didn't know Enrico plays Keith, and Francis plays Weevil.)

AliMac: Well, I really spent most all of my time under Teddy, sooooo he gets all the votes, funniest, serious, outgoing and shy. Oh and best kisser. Girliest...Kristen of course. Blondest...DUH...Me! The one cast member who does know me is Felix, Brad Bufanda. I like Brad. He is cool. Sexy bald head absolutely goes to Weevil, Francis Capra. I'ld ride on his big ole Hog anytime...well that is if Duncan couldn't drive me!

[Editor's note: [gasp!] Poor Duncan and Logan. It's bad enough Lilly had a fling with Weevil, and now you too?! Weevil must have a mightily impressive hog.] During our interview Teddy denied his pimptastic college reputation. As one of the three actresses Teddy macked on this season, do you want to confirm or deny that rumor? Which best describes Teddy: garlic breath of death, Mr. Octopus, or tongue like Gene Simmons (lead singer from Kiss)?

AliMac: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm [licking lips] none of the above. We know that Teddy was relieved when he found out that the scene where a half-naked Duncan makes out with a 18-year-old surfer boy was just a joke. If you had the chance to do it over again, would you want to film the scene with or without Duncan wearing his pants? And we're asking this question strictly from an acting, character development, what's best for the storyline point of view. It has nothing to do with the fact that some of the female fans, and even some of the male fans, were bummed that we didn't see Teddy's pimptastic bum.

AliMac: Oh, um, ah...Wow [blushing] Can't...Think...Straight...[clearing throat]...Surfer boy...if it's who I think it is...yuck...ewww...moving on...LOL

[Editor's note: Oh, please. Don't pretend like that one wasn't in the rotation. (™ Wrath of Con)] How did you parents feel when you told them you got a part as Duncan's backseat-makeout buddy? Did they watch that episode or were they too uncomfortable to see their baby girl doing a makeout scene?

AliMac: Actually, they called and asked why my scene had been cut. We argued for 10 minutes cuz they said I wasn't on the show.

[Editor's note: AH HAH! How in the world are the fans supposed to tell the difference between all them Shellies if Mommy and Daddy AliMac can't even identify their own daughter?!]

Philosophical questions Are you for or against world peace, genetically modified foodstuffs, and cute puppies?

AliMac: Um, all of it? Mostly the puppies. I have 2 Dachshund puppies myself, Heidi and Chloe.

[Editor's note: So her puppies are more important to her than world peace? Gawd, AliMac is such a blonde.] And speaking of genetically modified foodstuffs: cake or death?

AliMac: Is it chocolate? On the show, Shelley's last name was never revealed. While some might attribute this to the fact that the character only had one line, we know not to underestimate Rob Thomas. We think the real reason Shelley's last name was never revealed was because Rob was trying to make a point about self, identity, and meaninglessness of these self-imposed labels we place on ourselves. Please tell us more about the discussion you had with Rob regarding the philosophical underpinnings of your one-name-only character.

AliMac: Um...Huh?

[Editor's note: Oh, I forgot, she's a blonde. Must. Use. Small. Words.] Shelly, Shelley, Shelly. Between the three Shellies, only six words have been spoken. What is about that name that makes the character so enigmatic? What earth-shattering revelations are those characters hiding beneath their "shell" of secrecy?

AliMac: Uh...I'm blonde, remember? Too much spinning around my head right now, lets talk more about Teddy and kissing? And cake!

[Editor's note: She's a blonde. She's a Hollywood actress. She's a blonde Hollywood actress. Why did we even try to ask her deep, world-changing philosophical questions?] Have you ever been talking and your mind just drifts away, but you keep on talking, except you don't know what you're talking about at all, but you can't stop and it's like talk talk talk talk talk talk forever until you finally stop? Have you?

AliMac: You just described me perfectly.

[Editor's note: We love this interview. The snark just writes itself.]

About You Any projects you have in the works now you'd like to mention? That's so cool that you were cast in Bewitched. What role do you play? You will actually have more than one line this time, right?

AliMac: Bewitched oh yes. Opens June 24th in a Theatre near you. I play an Actress (type casting??). My character is auditioning for the role of Samantha. Nicole Kidman's character is also auditioning. Guess who gets the role? And at the audition they asked me to do the nose twitch, can you believe it. Now that footage is gonna be embarrassing. Yes, I definitely had more than one line in the Film. Well. Sort of. Maybe, if they don't cut the other one. Is there any particular charity or movement you'd like us to learn more about?

AliMac: Preserving the wild dachshund herds roaming Southeast Asia, totally worthy movement.

[Editor's note: What an amazing coincidence, that's our favorite charity too! We could so be BFF, if it weren't for the restraining order you filed against us.] Is there anyone you would like to give a shoutout to, like your family members, friends, favorite teachers, mentors?

AliMac: Nice thought, but no. Oh yeah, Teddy? You listening?? Lol...Worth a try.

[Editor's note: She's a blonde. She's a Hollywood actress. She's a blonde Hollywood actress. No wonder she's a little too self-involved to give thanks to those who have helped her along the way.] What's stranger: Having Power Rangers-obsessed adult fans seek you out or having a Veronica Mars-obsessed web team conduct an interview based on a one-liner appearance?

AliMac: Well, I sure have had my share of strange Ranger Fan obsessions and those were creepy. But this is just plain strange. I may very well hold the Internet Record for longest interview given by a one liner. Do I? Do the fine people at MarsInvestigations really want to read an interview with a one liner, or did you do this on a bribe? Lose a bet? What?

[Editor's note: Why do you think this interview is "strange"? We MI.netters think it's completely sane to conduct a 4,600-plus-word interview with six-word guest star.] Final question, who the hell are you again?

AliMac: Um, I am Alison MacInnis, of "THE SHELLY" fame! That's who I am. Ah hell, I don't know anymore, you tell me.

[Editor's note:

An Ode to Alison MacInnis: The wannabe Mrs. Teddy Dunn

Through her answers she does reveal,
in real life she's a lot of fun.
Let's just hope in her next film deal,
her total lines will not be one.] On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank Alison for doing this interview. We had as much fun coming up with the questions as we did reading your answers. We were as giggly as a non-drugged-up Duncan when we read your off-the-wall answers. This interview was such a blast. Thanks Alison, for being a really good sport.

One more thing, (our promises mean nothing you know), can you please lift that restraining order against us?

AliMac: Well, since you asked me so very nicely, yeah. But please no more "fan letters" okay?

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