Spanish Episode Titles

Thanks to a fan from Spain for the titles, translations, and notes.

  • 1.01 Piloto (Pilot)
  • 1.02 Da crédito a quien se lo merece (Give credit to who deserves)
  • 1.03 Te presento a John Smith (I introduce you to John Smith)
  • 1.04 El estafador estafado (The con conned)
  • 1.05 Cuando crees que conoces a alguien (When you think that you know somebody)
  • 1.06 El regreso de Kane (The return of Kane)
  • 1.07 La vecina de arriba (The neighbor upstairs)
  • 1.08 Como una virgen (Like a virgin)
  • 1.09 La secta (The sect)
  • 1.10 Navidad con los Echolls (Christmas with the Echolls)
  • 1.11 El silencio del cordero (The silence of the lamb)
    [Lamb as an animal, not the sheriff.]
  • 1.12 Lucha de tritones (Fight of tritons)
  • 1.13 El señor del anillo (The lord of the ring)
  • 1.14 Mars contra Mars (Mars vs Mars)
  • 1.15 Negocios arriesgados (Risky business)
  • 1.16 Betty y Veronica (Betty and Veronica)
  • 1.17 Abel y Kane (Abel and Kane)
  • 1.18 Armas de educación masiva (Weapons of class destruction)
  • 1.19 Perritos calientes (Hot dogs)
  • 1.20 Loco (Mad)
    ['Loco' means mad in spanish.]
  • 1.21 Un viaje al dentista (A trip to the dentist)
  • 1.22 Déjaselo a Beaver (Leave it to Beaver)

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