French Episode Titles

Thanks to briasoleil and David for providing the titles, translations, and notes.

  • 1.01 Mars Investigations
  • 1.02 La Belle Vie à crédit
    • (The Good Life On Credit) - briasoleil
    • (The Beautiful Life On Credit) - David
  • 1.03 À la recherche de John Smith
    • (Looking for John Smith) - briasoleil
      [This is more than likely a play on the Proust novel, A la recherche du temps perdu.]
    • (On the Search of John Smith) - David
  • 1.04 Dupés
    • (The Duped Ones) - briasoleil
      [This plays on the theme of the episode, as well as the fake tv show. Duper also refers to naïvety, which is certainly true of the fab four flashbacks.]
    • (Deceived) - David
      [It's a past participe plural.]
  • 1.05 Rien à déclarer (Nothing to Declare)
    [It's a very common term in both French and Canadian airports. - briasoleil]

    [Classic at the customs. - David]

  • 1.06 Le Règne de Kane (The Rein of Kane)
    [It was likely taken straight from the dialogue. - briasoleil]
  • 1.07 La Fille du dessus
    • (The Girl Upstairs) - briasoleil
      [Which is actually truer than the girl next door.]
    • (The Girl Above) - David
      [Means the girl who lives in the flat above yours.]
  • 1.08 Le Test de pureté (The Purety Test)
  • 1.09 L'Héritier reprogrammé (The Reprogrammed Heir)
    [This refers solely to Casey and gives away the ending, unfortunately. But Kool-Aid doesn't exist in France. - briasoleil]
  • 1.10 Partie de Poker (Poker Game)
    [I really don't know hoxw to translate this one. I think it only exists in French. When people play poker for instance, they do "une partie de poker." - David]
  • 1.11 Secrets de famille (Family Secrets)
  • 1.12 Les Tritons (The Tritons)
  • 1.13 Gangsta rapt
    [It's a play on the words, because rapt means abduction, and it's very close to rap. I think gangsta exists in English too. - David]
  • 1.14 Mars contre Mars (Mars Against Mars)
  • 1.15 Eclipse totale du coeur (Total Eclipse of the Heart)
    [This obviously derives its names from the name of the dance. - briasoleil]
  • 1.16 Betty
  • 1.17 Kane et Abel (Kane and Abel)
    [It's a more direct allusion to the biblical story. - briasoleil]
  • 1.18 Compte à rebours (Countdown)
    [Countdown. Obviously alluding to the website clock ticking down. Sadly, I had to think about that one for a minute. I forgot about the clock. But just briefly! - briasoleil]
  • 1.19 Chiens perdus (Lost Dogs)
    [Hot dogs, the "meat" item, are known simply as "saucisses" in France. There is no such thing as "chiens chauds". And even then, "chaud" doesn't have the same sense of "hot" here. - briasoleil]
  • 1.20 Destruction mutuelle assurée (Mutually Assured Destruction)
    [This is a literal translation. Although, it lacks the simplicity of the acronym. - briasoleil]
  • 1.21 Le coup du dentiste (The Dentist's Trick)
    [Coup is a difficult word to translate, because it has myriad meanings, some literally untranslatable. Probably, the closest translation I can come up with is "The Dentist's Trick". But it's not one I'm exactly pleased with. As is, the French translation, I feel, misses the intent of "A Trip to the Dentist." Quelle surprise. - briasoleil]

    ["Le coup" here doesn't mean a blow, but a sort of joke, usualy malevolent. - David]

  • 1.22 La vérité sur Lilly (The Truth About Lilly)
    [Given the difficulty of translating Cassidy's nickname and the play upon a classic tv show, this is probably the best they could come up with. Alas, somethings just don't translate. - briasoleil]

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