3.20 "The Bitch Is Back"

Aired May 22, 2007


"An Essay on Mars"

Chapter 1: The Design
When previously we left our characters, Logan was about to confess to Veronica about the sex tape (or everything but, as it turns out), but she gets side-tracked when she realizes he beat up Piz. Parker breaks up with Logan, and Veronica declares that their friendship is over as well.

Chapter 2: The Universe
Veronica is determined to find whoever filmed her and Piz. She traces the email to Chip Diller who points her to Domonic Desanti whom she forces to point her to a man named Gory. It turns out that Gory is a member of a secret society called the Castle and one of the pledges is Wallace.

Chapter 3: The Individual
When Wallace realizes that it was the Castle who filmed Veronica, he goes undercover for her. That doesn't work out, though, so she has to follow another pledge...right to the new Kane manor and newly scruffy Jake Kane. She steals his hard drive full of information about the Castle and gets Mac to try and hack into it.

Chapter 4: Society
When Kane and Wiedman figure out it was Veronica, they try to force Keith to hand over evidence that proves her involvement. To protect her, he erases the evidence, leading to Kane filing charges and Keith probably losing the race.

Chapter 5: Happiness Noirness
Logan awesomely beats up Gory and then apologizes to Piz, leaving Veronica with a smile on her face. She tells her father she loves him. The next morning, after finding out about the charges against her father, she votes for him in the election. Then she walks away in the rain, a thunderstorm approaching.

Important Parts

  • Logan tells Veronica about the video of her and Piz. Piz tells Veronica that he didn't make the video. Parker breaks up with Logan because by beating up Piz, he made it clear that he was still in love with Veronica.

  • Veronica follows the email trail of the video to a Skull and Bones type secret organization called the Castle. Wallace attempts to find out who the members are for her, but he's kicked out of their hazing ritual for lying. He does help Veronica figure out who one fellow pledge is.

  • Veronica follows the pledge to a house, and discovers discovers that it is Jake Kane's house. She steals Jake's hard drive, and Mac helps her decrypt the drive to find out who the members of the Castle are.

  • When Keith is called to investigate the stolen hard drive, he quickly figures out that Veronica was the thief. He confronts her, but she can't stand for him to know why she did it, so she denies it. When Clarence Wiedman independently figures out that it was Veronica, he and Jake storm Keith's office, demanding the evidence.

  • Keith stalls for time and then wipes the hard drive of the DVR that recorded Veronica breaking and entering. After giving Nish a list of Castle members, Veronica returns the hard drive to Jake, but it's too late for Keith. He's charged with erasing the evidence on Election Day.

  • Veronica casts her vote for Keith and walks off into the rain.

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