3.20 "The Bitch Is Back"

Aired May 22, 2007


Mars Investigations: Logan tells Veronica about the video of her and Piz having sex. Veronica rebuts that it's impossible as she hasn't yet had sex with Piz. He goes on to say that they were naked, so he just assumed. She tells him he's crazy, so he gives her a DVD. She asks him why he's bruised, snatching the DVD from him. He confesses he and Piz fought. She insists Piz wouldn't tape her, and throws him out. Keith exits his office, asking if she's okay. She says she is, so he goes home to make dinner. Veronica watches the DVD of herself and Piz.

Bennis Hall: Veronica raps on Wallace and Piz's door. They're walking down the hall, Wallace supporting a very battered Piz. Inside the room, Veronica sits on the bed with Piz while he tells her Logan didn't really give him a reason for the fight — he just started beating him up. Wallace paces back and forth, obviously angry at Logan. Piz surmises Logan was mad about what happened at the beach and still likes Veronica. She tells them about the video and asks Piz if he's responsible. When he says he isn't, she goes on to say she didn't think he would be. Wallace starts to go after Logan, but Veronica tells him she'll deal with him.

Logan's suite: Dick opens the door to Parker. She asks if he's there, and Dick starts to say he isn't. She pushes past him and storms into Logan's room to tell him she knows about what happened with Piz. She thinks he's still in love with Veronica, and when he tries to explain he was mad because of the tape, she doesn't buy it and leaves after telling him they're broken up. Out in the hallway, Parker runs into Veronica getting out of the elevator. She tells Veronica Logan is all hers, and when Veronica says that's not her reason for showing up, Parker says it doesn't matter. Dick opens the door to Veronica, not even bothering to lie. As she marches past him, she tells him to stay put because they need to talk. In Logan's room, Veronica informs Logan that Piz can't breath and had to get five stitches. Logan doesn't think that's nearly enough, and goes on to say, as her friend, he was angry at what had happened to her. She tells him he's out of her life forever and leaves.

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Logan's suite: Veronica calls for Dick to ask about the video. He says he got it in an e-mail, but he doesn't know from who. When Veronica looks at his laptop, she finds that the e-mail came from Chip Diller, and Dick forwarded it to his entire address book.

Hearst campus: Weevil limps after Veronica, trying to catch up to her. He tells her he didn't watch the entire tape, and offers his help in whatever she plans to do.

Hearst cafeteria: Students look at Veronica and whisper to one another as she walks by. She spots Chip and asks where he got the tape. He claims he doesn't know, nor does he care. Veronica promises revenge and walks away. He chases after her and says he got the e-mail from Dominick Desante. When he asks if everything is okay between them, she just walks away grinning.

Dominick's room: She asks him who he got the tape from, and he obnoxiously won't tell her, though she threatens him.

Neptune restaurant: Dominick and a blonde girl exist the restaurant, and Dominick tries to apologize because his credit card didn't go through. She rolls her eyes, as she had to pay for dinner. When they get to his car, the tires are missing. Weevil walks by and jokes about Dominick's bad karma.

Dominick's room: He enters and tries to turn on the lights, but the switch doesn't work. A light clicks on in the corner, and Veronica serenades him with a rendition of "Bad Day." When he advances on her, she shows him her Taser. He admits Gory Sorokin sent the tape but begs her not to tell him.

Gory's room: No one answers Veronica's knock, but as she's about to leave, a half-naked Gory walks down the hall, fresh from a shower. When he gets closer, he recognizes her and makes a stupid joke, further pissing Veronica off. She tells him that she got his name from Domonick and when she asks if he planted the camera, he asks if it matters and what she thinks she can do about it. She promises she can make his life miserable, and he doubts her, dropping his towel. He asks her to either get a lawyer and prove the tape originated with him or stay and have a drink; Veronica remains unimpressed and leaves.

Piz's room: Piz is playing the guitar as Veronica remains intent upon her laptop. As Piz is gearing up his latest hit, "My Miracle Eye," Veronica stops him. She's tapped Gory's room and overhears him talking about pledges picking up instructions at a newspaper box on the North Quad. Veronica asks Piz if any fraternities rush in late spring, but he doesn't think any do.

Hearst campus: North Quad: Veronica watches the newspaper box, photographing everyone who takes a paper. Wallace takes a paper, and Veronica chases after him. She tells him she was taking surveillance photos of everyone who took a paper and asks if Wallace is pledging a fraternity. He begs off, and when she asks why he'd be on that side of campus since his class is on the other side, he looks a little worried. He's saved by the bell when Veronica receives a telephone call. Whoever is on the line wants something from Veronica, and she sounds shocked.

Hearst building: Wallace goes to a class, presumably the lab Veronica was talking about, and the professor hands him a letter addressed to Wallace that he found taped to his front door.

Sheriff's office: Veronica brings Keith a fresh uniform because he dropped salad dressing on his pants. Fangirls swoon when we finally get to see Keith in his boxers. He does a quick change and tells Veronica a photographer from The Neptune Register is due to take a picture of him with a reporter to follow in a few days.

Mars residence: Wallace shows up to tell her he was tapped for entrance into the Castle, Hearst's own secret society of high-rolling power-players-to-be. He's telling her because he thinks the Castle has something to do with the tape of her and Piz. Apparently, Wallace blew off a girl, making up the excuse that he had a study session at his professor's house. Since the professor Wallace pretended to be visiting received a note on Wallace's behalf, Wallace figured the Castle bugged him. Veronica is ready to take her revenge, but Wallace says he's yet to meet a single member. He says he's stopping the pledge process because of what they did to Veronica, and she asks him to pretend to keep going for her benefit. As quickly as she says it, she recants, saying it's too big a favor. Wallace agrees to do it anyway. She gives him her own sophisticated spy pen, complete with a camera built in when you click it. Wallace shows her a photocopy of an exposé on the Castle from the Hearst Free Press — written by Nish Sweeney.

Hearst library: Nish meets with Veronica to tell her Hearst's founder was a Skull and Bones man at Yale, and founded the Castle at Stanford and Hearst. The freshman guys who get tapped are basically guaranteed a pass to wealth, power, and privilege. Women are not offered admission, and some tried to sue, but they were unsure exactly who to sue in a secret society.

Parking lot: A car drives up, and Wallace get into the trunk. It drives away, and Veronica follows in hr car.

Warehouse: Wallace gets out of the trunk, and a voice over a loudspeaker tells him to enter through the first door on his left. When he hesitates, the voice tells him to keep going. In a hallway, the voice instructs Wallace to go into unit 499. Inside the room, a single bulb lights a dingy room, a camera is positioned facing a folding chair, and a speaker on the wall refers to Wallace as 'Three.' The voice tells Wallace to strip to his underwear, toss his clothes into the hall, shut the door, and put on a collar. Wallace does as he's told, hesitating momentarily but deciding not to keep the camera pen on his person. As he sits down, he hears a terrible male scream. The voice goes on to tell Wallace all he has to do is tell the truth, because there are no secrets in the Castle. If Wallace lies, another brother pays. Wallace says he understands, so the voice asks about Rashard Rucker and the hit and run.

Outside, Veronica pulls up.

Back inside, the voice asks if Wallace's dad committed a crime for him. He says yes, and is shocked by the collar. He asks why he was shocked, as he answered their question, but the voice says someone else lied. It goes on to ask what Wallace was carrying in his pocket. When he says it was just a pen, he hears another man scream from somewhere else.

Outside, Veronica watches and waits. Wallace exits the building, still in his shorts. She runs to get him.

Mars residence: Veronica gives Wallace a toast and some coffee, offering her kidney if he should need it. He tells her what happened in the room, and she apologizes. Wallace goes on to say he might know who one of the other pledges is. The voice on the box referred to Wallace as 'Three' because that's his basketball number; once, the voice messed up and called him 2400 — a perfect SAT score. He said The Hearst Free Press ran a story about a freshman who'd scored a 2400, and they'd included a picture. Veronica shows Wallace the photos she took while surveying the newspaper box, and they identify one of the guys as their 2400.

Hearst cafeteria: Veronica spots Dominick Desante, who's now sporting a cast on one arm. She sits down to lunch with Piz, kissing him, and a random loser starts harassing them to skip the foreplay and get straight to "the good stuff." He keeps going, and Piz asks him to stop. Veronica pulls out her Taser, but Piz stops her and persuades her to get up to leave. The guy continues his taunts, but Piz restrains her from going after him.

Logan's suite: Dick congratulates Logan on his fighting prowess, but Logan seems reluctant to accept the praise. He says Piz didn't make the tape, and Dick says it's a shame, but in the end, a beating will keep everyone else in line.

Mansion: Veronica follows 2400 to a fancy estate. She hops a fence and photographs the shadowy figures inside. Since she can't really see anyone's face, she moves closer and sneaks in through a doggy door, snagging her sweater on a nail. Inside, she slips through the shadows, but is momentarily overcome when she seems a framed painting of Lilly Kane on the wall. When she hears someone approaching, she gathers her wits and ducks into a room. From her hiding place behind the curtains, she sees Jake Kane enter with Gory. Jake says he likes the pledges, and Gory mentions the juicy confessions they got. Jake copies files to his hard drive, destroys the original disc, and they exit. Veronica goes out into the open and starts to recover the hard drive. She spots a portrait of Duncan that gives her pause.

The following morning, Keith questions Jake in Jake's office as to whether anything besides his hard drive was taken. Jake says there wasn't anything else, but the hard drive was most valuable, as it contained five years worth of programming. Keith expresses surprise that the mansion isn't better secured when Clarence Weidman enters to say they'll have a security system soon. As Clarence leads him to another part of the house, Keith notices the thread caught on the doggy door.

Harvey residence: Next door, Keith asks to see Mr. Harvey's surveillance of his back yard. He sees a petite blonde climbing down the fence on the Harvey's DVR of the previous night's activity. Keith takes the DVR as evidence.

Pemberton Estates gate: Keith stops on his way out of the gated community, running into former Deputy Gills monitoring the front gate. Keith asks to see a list of strange vehicles passing through the gates, but Gills doesn't cooperate. He snidely wishes Keith luck in the upcoming election and goes back into his booth.

Hearst campus: Mac and Veronica discuss Mac's super computer abilities, but Mac says even she doesn't have a good enough computer to crack the code on Jake Kane's hard drive quickly. She says a computer on campus can do it, however.

Mars residence: Keith tears apart Veronica's room, rifling through her dresser drawers and closet until he comes up with the sweater she snagged on the Kane doggy door.

Pembroke Estates gate: Clarence asks another guard about a license plate number.

Hearst lab: Weevil lets Mac and Veronica into the room containing the physics supercomputer, and Mac starts decrypting the drive.

Harvey residence: Clarence asks Mr. Harvey about Keith's visit.

Mars residence: Veronica enters her bedroom to find it ransacked. Keith comes in to ask her about the break-in at the Kane mansion. She asks what happened to her room. Keith asks if she stole five years of programming from Jake. She tells him she didn't, and goes on to ask if he tore apart her room. He shows her the torn sweater, and tells her how it connects with the loose thread he found at Jake's. He accuses her of being small enough to fit through the doggy door, and she throws back that his evidence is fuzzy and circumstantial. He tells her to confess, and in VO, she says she can't tell him because he'll never look at her the same, and she leaves to spend the night at Mac's.

Kane estate: Clarence tells Jake that Veronica stole the hard drive, and Jake is enraged. He tells Clarence to get the hard drive back and to make sure he never sees Veronica again.

Sheriff's office: Keith gives an interview to a reporter from The Neptune Register, and it appears to be going swimmingly. Jake bursts in with Clarence and the county prosecutor in tow, accusing Veronica of stealing his hard drive. Keith starts to deny it, but Clarence gives him a rundown of the pertinent and incriminating bits of evidence linking Veronica to the crime. The prosecutor asks for Mr. Harvey's DVR. Keith says he'll hand it over when the judge issues an order.

Hearst lab: A weary Veronica and Mac watch as the supercomputer decrypts Jake's hard drive. Keith calls, but Veronica ignores it until she can fix everything. Mac tells her it'll be a couple more hours, at least. The password is two numbers shy of being complete.

Sheriff's office: Keith tells Veronica's voicemail that things have gotten bad, and he's anxiously awaiting her to call him. He gets a screwdriver from a drawer and goes to the evidence room and erases the DVR.

Hearst lab: Veronica is pacing, and Mac has dozed off, but the final number in the password is retrieved from lines of code. Instantly, a window opens and begins listing names of Castle pledges as far back as its inception. Veronica is pleased.

Sheriff's department: The county prosecutor brings the judge's order for the DVR to be turned over. Keith sends Deputy Leo to retrieve it.

Mars residence: Veronica scrolls through the files of the Castle pledges with Mac. She thinks the brothers don't tell the secrets of the society because they don't want to be blackmailed with their own dirt. Mac reminds her that most of them aren't guilty of spreading the video, but Veronica finds Gory's file and plays it. He confesses that he saw his father drag some bloody bodies out of his trunk and take them into his wood shop. He heard the power saw going and saw his dad and his uncle, Lev, take Hefty bags to their boat. Veronica tells Mac she might let Gory keep his secrets.

Hearst campus: Veronica gives Nish a list of every member of the Castle. Nish is pleased, but warns Veronica she's going to make some powerful men unhappy. Veronica blithely returns that it wouldn't be the first time.

Hearst cafeteria: Veronica walks past Gory, and Logan catches up to her. He tries to apologize, but she tells him to leave. She goes on to say he should apologize to Piz. Gory sits down, interrupting Logan's apology, and returns Veronica's bug. He harasses her, but she says nothing. Logan starts to go after him, but Veronica catches him, telling him Gory's connected. Logan apologizes once more, and Veronica tells him it's a nice gesture, but it'll take her time to accept. He starts to walk away, and Veronica takes a seat. She hears a fight break out, and turns to see Logan throw Gory across a table. He tells Gory to apologize to Veronica, but she plucks her camera pen from his pocket and refuses the apology. Gory tells Logan he's going to die, to which Logan replies that he will, someday. He grins at Veronica who gazes at him in wonder and turns to leave. On the way out, he apologizes to Piz.

Kane estate: Clarence shows Veronica to Jake's office. Veronica returns the hard drive. Jake starts to call Keith, but she stops him, letting him know she's cracked the drive and she'll let everything go public if he has her arrested. She hands over the drive, but asks Jake to keep her dad out of it. He says it's too late for that.

Mars residence: Veronica walks in, expecting her father's wrath. Instead, Keith is making gumbo, and Veronica tells him she loves him.

The next morning, Veronica wakes up to find her dad already gone. She reads the newspaper headline: Keith is to be charged in connection with disappearing evidence.

Neptune Community Center: Veronica enters a polling booth and votes for Keith. Veronica walks out into the rain and down the street alone.

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