3.19 "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down"

Aired May 22, 2007


Do you like pie?1 Yes. I like pie.2 Yarr!3 Bob, Bob.4 Pie!5 Eye spy with my pie.6 Yes!7 Pie!8

1. After some students are caught using fake Hearst ID debit cards, they put the blame on Weevil, who was recently injured on the job. He hires Veronica to get down to the bottom of it and exonerate him.
2. She figures out that it was a group of 09ers. They try to bribe her, but she doesn't give in, and Weevil's free.
3. Oh, but he keeps a copy of the ID debit copy machine thing.
4. Vinnie and Keith have a debate on Piz's radio show. Vinnie appears to be winning the drunken college student vote.
5. Wallace is being followed. It turns out he's being tapped to join a secret society called "the Castle."
6. Veronica and Piz go a round of tonsil hockey with a little something something.
7. Somehow, a video of them in flagrante starts circling the net. Dick shows it to Logan, who gets pissed. He beats up Piz.
8. Logan goes to Veronica and says he needs to tell her something. You think?

Important Parts

  • Weevil applies for workman's compensation after an on-campus accident while moving a washing machine. Soon after, he's accused of faking Hearst IDs loaded with money and selling them for profit. He's identified by two of the supposed fraud victims and arrested. He hires Veronica, and she traces the fraud back to the 'victims' and their group of friends.

  • Wallace is tapped to become a member of The Castle by a mysterious man who appears to be following him.

  • Keith and Vinnie debate for the upcoming election for sheriff on Piz's radio show.

  • Dick asks Logan about what happened on the roof the night Cassidy committed suicide. He also apologizes to Mac for how he treated her.

  • Veronica and Piz are caught on tape fooling around in his room. Logan gets a copy of the video and beats Piz up to punish him because he thinks Piz is responsible for the tape.

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