3.17 "Debasement Tapes"

Aired May 09, 2007


Clueless about last night's episode? Well, Piz is chosen to escort Desmond Fellows, an aging rocker who hasn't put out anything new in ten years but coasts on the popularity of his ex, the rock band My Pretty Pony. Things go awry when the backing tapes needed for his concert are stolen from his backpack, presumably by a female fan who doesn't appear to be a 40-year-old virgin. Piz enlists the help of the object of his affection, a feisty blonde P.I. who's no closer to reaching normal than she was at the beginning of senior year. After a couple red herrings and Desmond's attempt to have a wet hot American summer in the spring, Veronica realizes that Desmond had picked up someone else's backpack at the airport. Piz and Veronica retrieve Desmond's stuff quicker than an overnight delivery, but Piz still lets Desmond go on without his backing tapes so that he can play his new material. Veronica thinks this makes Piz a good guy, a great Gatsby, if you will, and she makes another move in his direction after having tried to pass off their party kisses as a one-time thing. Meanwhile, Mac helps Logan build a website about the shape of things: female asses, to be precise. She enlists the help of the object of HER affection, her new friend, Max. Even Logan notices the hot nerd-on-nerd action, and Mac follows the cider house rules by breaking up with Bronson first before getting her nerd on. And in law enforcement news, Keith re-hires Deputy Leo, and Vinnie is running for Sheriff. Somebody call Reno 911! (This summary has been brought to you by Wrigley's leftover gum.)

Important Parts

  • Piz gets the opportunity to interview Desmond Fellows, a members of his favorite rock duo, My Pretty Pony. Desmond has been using recordings of his now-deceased band-mate to play along with at concerts, but the tapes appear to have been stolen. Piz asks Veronica to help find them. She ends up discovering that they were not, in fact, stolen, but rather Desmond simply grabbed someone else's backpack at the airport.

  • Despite their kiss at the end of the previous episode, Veronica once again wants to be "just friends" with Piz, something he surprisingly seems okay with. Piz's lack of emotion leads Veronica to realize she might want to be more than friends after all, and they end the episode holding hands.

  • Logan needs to form a business plan for a class in just one weekend, so he enlists Mac to help him design a website that lets teenagers rate girls' asses. Mac then asks Max for help setting the site up. The sparks are obvious between Mac and Max, and Mac decides to break up with Bronson.

  • Leo comes to Keith because he suspects there is a robbery being planned at the place where he is now working. Keith and Leo investigate and find out that there was a robbery in the works, but Vinnie Van Lowe was hired to infiltrate the group and capture them. Due to Leo's insight and Keith's need for new deputies, Leo gets his job as deputy back. After Keith's commendation of Vinnie's work with the robbery, Vinnie decides to run against Keith in the upcoming special election for sheriff.

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