3.16 "Un-American Graffiti"

Aired May 01, 2007


Some kid stumbles out of a wretched hive of scum and villainy and gets hit by a car and paralyzed. Turns out he was only nineteen and the bartender let him drink with a phony ID, making Keith mad. However, when random bar checks don't pan out, he gets a bad feeling about this. Also getting a bad feeling? Veronica, who is invited to Parker's birthday party, which Logan is throwing. She'd rather wave her hand and say, "I'm not the Mars you're looking for," but she's forced to go and brings Mac, Wallace, and Piz with her. Meanwhile, not so long ago and in a neighborhood not so far away, an Arab-owned restaurant, Babylon Gardens, is vandalized, and the owner's wife asks Veronica to help them, saying she's their only hope. Turns out it's the brother of an parapalegic Iraq vet. Keith forces underage drinkers Piz and Wallace to help identify the corrupt deputies who get paid to overlook fake IDs and forces Veronica to promise not to provide said IDs anymore. Yeah, right. When Veronica goes to the party, Wallace finds her lack of knowledge of Piz's crush disturbing; while she tries to clear things up with Piz, he finally kisses her. She figures out the 'ship is strong and kisses back, right in front of an elevator opening to show Logan. It's not wise to upset an Echolls!

Important Parts

  • The wife of the owner of the local Middle Eastern restaurant hires Veronica to investigate who spray painted racist graffiti on the front of their restaurant. Veronica tracks down the culprit, a man whose brother was paralyzed while serving in Iraq. The owner doesn't press charges against the vandal.

  • During her investigation, Veronica also discovers that the owner's daughter has been dating a Jewish boy in secret because her father would not approve. The owner's wife convinced him to forgive his daughter in the end.

  • Keith, still acting sheriff, begins a crackdown on bars near Hearst that allow underage drinking with fake IDs. His of bar patrons because they want continued support through the Sheriff Department Auction and other activities. With the help of Wallace and Piz, Keith discovers that his deputies are failing to check IDs carefully. When some of the deputies challenge his authority, Keith fires them.

  • Parker and Logan are dating, and Logan throws a birthday party for Parker. Veronica attends reluctantly.

  • Dick invites two girls he met on MySpace to the party. The girls are friends and as punishment for inviting them both, they lock him in the hotel's ice room.

  • During the party, Mac chats with Max, the guy who helps students cheat with fake papers and exam copies. Mac boyfriend Bronson didn't attend the party, though he and Mac went on a morning hike a few days earlier.

  • At the party, Wallace forces Veronica to admit that Piz likes her. She tries to explain to Piz that they are just friends, but Piz responds by kissing Veronica. Piz goes to leave, but Veronica ends up kissing him outside the elevator, the doors of which open to reveal Logan. Logan and Veronica both appear to be a bit uneasy following this encounter.

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