3.15 "Papa's Cabin"

Aired Feb 27, 2007


Keith decides to drag out the entire story from Mindy about the night the Dean was murdered, all about death in the afternoon after-midnight. Mindy spills the beans about the Dean's visit and says he threatened to ruin Landry. That combined with Landry's bloody clothes makes Keith give him a little visit. For whom do the bells police sirens ring? They ring for Landry. Now Keith is in a position of to have and have not — he has Landry, but he doesn't have Mindy, who has disappeared with a boat. Veronica and Tim are on the case — yes, that wasn't a typo — and manage to find Landry's alibi, along with taped phone recordings from him to Mindy (as well as one that doesn't exactly paint Tim in a good light). When Landry is freed, however, it's a farewell to arms Hank, who skips across the river and into the trees Mexico to find Mindy, the young woman and the sea. Veronica and Tim figure they are both in "Papa's Cabin" and Keith uses good old know-how to narrow that down to Cabo, Mindy's little island in the stream. Unfortunately for her, Hank has accidentally killed her. Oops! I guess the torrents of spring are over for him, though he still protests his innocence in killing the Dean. Everybody thinks the whole thing is wrapped up, until Veronica comes to a realization that Tim — who's been having adventures of a young man — has been manipulating everybody and he's the Dean's real killer. All loose ends wrapped up, Veronica — the daughter who also rises — and Keith end the eventful day with dinner and television.

Important Parts

  • Logan wants to date Parker and asks Veronica if she is okay with this. Veronica says it's fine and they agree they are friends.

  • Landry is arrested for Dean O'Dell's murder. His alibi is that he went to a convenience store and gave cigarettes to a lady outside. Tim enlists Veronica's help and they do find the lady who confirms Landry's alibi.

  • Landry is released, but he disappears. Mindy had disappeared earlier, just after receiving her husband's life insurance check.

  • Veronica and Tim find a CD with saved recordings from Landry's tapped cell phone and discover a get-away spot for Mindy and Landry. They also hear a call between Landry and Tim's potential new employer. Landry says Tim is okay, but not very bright and that they could do better.

  • Veronica also traces a call from Landry's disposable cell phone. It turns out to be a boy who is on probation. His mother was the witness for Landry's alibi.

  • Keith goes to the get-away spot and finds Landry crying, saying that Mindy turned on him. She killed the dean and he tried to help her. He switched the dean's keyboard with Batando's. He was angry that she claimed he was the murderer and they got into a fight. He says he didn't mean to knock her overboard. Mindy is dead.

  • Tim takes over Landry's class and asks Veronica to be his T.A. In class, the students want to know about the murder. Tim starts to talk about it, and Veronica realizes he knows too much information. She see that her phone has been bugged and concludes that Tim also bugged Landry's phone. She tells him, in front of the class, that he killed the dean to get back at Landry and prove he was smarter than Landry thought.

  • Tim confesses to the dean's murder and Landry confess to Mindy's murder. Keith is acting sheriff until an emergency election.

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