3.14 "Mars, Bars"

Aired Feb 20, 2007


Things look bad for Veronica this week: she's been arrested for aiding Josh Barry in escaping and now she's behind Mr. Goodbars. Turns out, he used the nutrageous cookies Veronica baked him to escape via an allergic reaction, but he only did it to find the real murderer, whom he believes is Mason. He isn't, but Veronica convinces him to let Mason go and wait for Veronica to make him a fake ID. Meanwhile, Logan, the big hunk, reluctantly joins the three musketeers — Mac, Parker, and Bronson — for some wacky hijinx in a Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt. Commence the snickers. They skor third place, however, and Logan seems to be a little bit sweet with Parker. The clues pile up fast like they're thrown by Baby Ruth, and it turns out that Coach Barry had a terminal disease and had the the assistant coach, who could be Josh's twix twin, commit murder. Josh decides to be Mr. Big by fleeing the country so his family can get the insurance money. In O'Dell news: Steve Batando's prints are found on Dean O'Dell's keyboard and he's brought in for questioning, but he doesn't rolo...ver and reveal how they get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar anything he knows about the Dean's death. However, later, he's found breaking into Mindy's house and when Lamb goes to stop him, Steve hits him with a baseball bat and kills him, forcing Deputy Sacks to shoot Steve. Oh Henry Lamb, we hardly knew ye! And it all ends with Keith being brought back as the sheriff and bringing Mindy in for questioning about Landry's shirt, which was found in the Hearst furnace covered in blood.

Important Parts

  • Veronica was arrested for aiding and abetting Josh's escape because she baked him peanut butter cookies, and he's allergic to peanuts. He had a reaction to her cookies and after the ambulance came and the paramedic administered the Epi pen, Josh overpowered him and escaped.

  • When Veronica is released, she discovers that Josh has locked Mason up in his trunk. The gun Mason has doesn't match the bullet that killed the coach.

  • Keith discovers that Coach Barry had a terminal disease which would give him a long, painful death.

  • Veronica makes Josh a new ID and brings him to the bank to get his coin collection so he can sell it for money. Josh finds a DVD with his coins. Coach Barry made the DVD to tell Josh that he killed himself with the help of his friend. He didn't want to suffer or put a financial burden on his family. Josh leaves the country until his mom can collect the money from his father's insurance policy.

  • Mac, Bronson, Parker, and Logan go on a scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day. Mac and Bronson have sex. Parker and Logan hit it off.

  • Mel Stoltz paid an unexpected visit to the dean on the night of his death.

  • Dean O'Dell took the prescription anti-anxiety medicine Xanax, but the prescription had run out. Mindy signed for his refill on Dec. 10. She said she took some because she was upset by her husband's death.

  • Lamb checks the dean's keyboard and discovers Steve Batando's fingerprints. Steve says Mindy is setting him up.

  • Landry discovers his phone has been bugged and he thinks either Keith or Veronica bugged him. Both say they did not.

  • Landry tells Keith that he watched the Clippers game the night of the dean's death. Veronica realizes that when games are on, the other TV shows are pushed back. This means that when Anthony was watching Space Ghost, it was really 3:30 AM instead of 2:30, which changes the dean's time of death. Mindy's car had been returned the hotel by then.

  • Lamb and Sacks go to the O'Dells when a break-in is reported. It's Steve Batando, who hits Lamb with a baseball bat, killing him. Keith becomes the new sheriff.

  • Weevil discovers a bloody shirt and gloves in the basement of a college building. The shirt belongs to Hank Landry. Keith asks Mindy if she's covering for Hank or if Hank is covering for her.

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