3.13 "Postgame Mortem"

Aired Feb 13, 2007


Since the basketball team failed to knock 'em dead (or even slightly unconscious), the coach berates the team (and Wallace!) so much that his son, Josh, quits the team. Later, the coach is found dead as a doornail, and his son is a dead cert for the killer. Keith has decided to quit the O'Dell case because of all the dead ends with Mindy. When she tries to explain things, he decides to beat a dead horse by staying on the case. Meanwhile, Logan is pretty much dead to the world until Dick brings home his date and her little sister, who's a dead ringer for God. The Sheriff has Josh dead to rights when a witness (Mason) comes forward, and Josh is arrested. Keith and Veronica find more clues: drop dead gorgeous Mindy may well be the cause of Cyrus dropping dead, and Keith tells the widow that he's dead set on finding out who did it. Logan finally stops being a dead weight. Oh, and Sheriff Lamb arrests Veronica for helping Josh escape. Deadwood!

Important Parts

  • Logan is very depressed. He just eats and sleeps.

  • Dick goes out with a girl, they go to Vegas, get married, then want a divorce.

  • The girl's little sister is left with Logan in his hotel suite. She is very cheerful and tries to convince Logan to make more of an effort to get Veronica back. She dedicates a song on the radio to Veronica, from Logan. Veronica and Logan have an awkward encounter in the elevator but don't talk much.

  • Keith tells Mindy he's dropping the case concerning Dean O'Dell. He tells her he found a piece of eggshell in the car windshield wiper, which means the car was in the college parking lot the night the dean was killed. Mindy claims she was in the hotel the whole night. The late night call she made to Hank was from downstairs in the hotel, when she asked him what brand of toothpaste he wanted her to pick up from house keeping. Hank confirms this. Keith doesn't drop the case.

  • Veronica finds out from Tina that Rory Finch (Hank) bought a movie from pay-per-view the night of the murder. Hank knows the details of the movie when questioned by Veronica. Mindy doesn't know the details of the movie when questioned by Keith.

  • Veronica finds out from Jeff that two men were arguing in Hank and Mindy's hotel room on December 10th while Jeff was at the door about to deliver food. He says a woman picked up the food later.

  • Keith implies to Mindy that she might have been involved in her husband's death. Mindy fires Keith, but he tells her he will keep investigating the case.

  • The college's basketball coach is found dead near the P.C.H. Coach Barry's son Josh plays on the basketball team. Lamb suspects that Josh is the murderer. They had a fight after a game. Josh says he went to talk to his dad to apologize and discovered that he had been murdered.

  • At first, the bikers are considered, but they tell Veronica that they don't use guns to hijack cars. Veronica goes to the scene of the murder and notices that they are car tracks by the cliff, indicating that the coach's car was pushed over the edge.

  • Mason, another basketball player, tells Lamb that he saw Josh fighting with his dad. Josh is arrested for the murder of the Coach Barry.

  • Josh tells Veronica that Mason has a temper and was mad at the coach for not starting him. Josh also says that Mason has a gun, but Mason doesn't confirm or deny this.

  • Veronica bakes him cookies and hides them inside one of the books she brings for him. Josh glances at his emaciated cell mate, but doesn't share. Veronica is later arrested for aiding in Josh's escape.

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