3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"

Aired Jan 23, 2007


Doctor Zaius! Doctor Zaius! Someone's stolen the test monkey (and lab rats) from a research lab at Hearst, and Mac gets Veronica to help get the monkey off their backs (figuratively). Mrs. O'Dell hires Keith to find out who killed her husband (she'll be a monkey's uncle if Cyrus killed himself just because she was monkeying around with Landry). He decides to take the case because of the Dean's unopened bottle of scotch and a conversation with Landry, who is cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Veronica and Mac, meanwhile, manage to infiltrate the local animal rights group, and Mac is smitten by the leader, Bronson, throwing a monkey wrench into her forced abstinence. Logan is advised by Dick to go ape and spank the monkey with some female surfers. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys, if they were really skanky monkeys. Veronica finally figures out that one of the lab workers who had grown too attached to the monkey stole him and then she and Piz have an enlightening conversation about something that's been driving her bananas. And so she gets back with Logan! You'll never make a monkey out of Piz!

Important Parts

  • The sheriff's office has ruled Dean O'Dell's death a suicide. He left a note on his computer: "Goodbye, cruel world zzzz." His widow Mindy hires Keith to prove that the dean was murdered. When looking in the dean's office, Keith notices that Cyrus's expensive bottle of scotch wasn't opened. Before he died, Cyrus had said he was looking forward to drinking that. Keith wonders why Cyrus would drink cheap stuff if he was going to commit suicide.

  • Veronica tells Keith that in her "Plan the Perfect Murder" paper for Landry's class, she made the crime a fake suicide. She suggested leaving a cryptic note on the computer so that the handwriting couldn't be traced and the message wouldn't be studied. Her example was "Goodbye, cruel world."

  • Keith has a drink with Professor Landry and tries to get some information from him. He doesn't succeed, but takes the case anyway.

  • Veronica is hired by two Hearst student scientists to find some lab rats and a monkey that were stolen. With Mac and Parker's help, she investigates the animal rights campus group. She then discovers that Gil, one of the scientists, took the monkey so it wouldn't be killed. She doesn't turn him in.

  • Mac and Bronson, the leader of the animal rights group, develop an interest in each other.

  • Dick tries to help Logan get over Veronica. Logan hooks up with a drunk girl on the beach. Piz and Veronica eat dinner together in the food court, and their conversation makes Veronica realize that she needs to go back to Logan. Logan takes her back, and Piz is upset because his conversation with Veronica was leading somewhere.

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