3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"

Aired Nov 07, 2006


It's time to be strict and crack down at Hearst
As Claire is expelled and Wallace is cursed,
Saved from Claire's fate, but taking a zero,
Giving up 'balling, it's rough for our hero.

And back with Veronica, things are grim,
Getting an A, but then called to see Tim,
Plagiarism? What? Accused of thieving,
But it's all an act to show Landry's deceiving.

While Harmony and Keith, out on the town,
Get much more friendly, but Keith shuts it down,
Then a car crash makes him regret that he bailed,
And back he goes, so Keith gets some tail.

Bowling's the game, Piz hoped for a date,
But his "girl" brought Logan, setting him straight,
Parker came too, liked what she saw,
'Till Mercer's cologne made her withdraw.

Then Mercer's arrested, thanks to our sleuth,
Logan offers an alibi, says it's uncouth,
Swears that his friend did not do the crime,
Can't wait 'till next week, and thus ends our rhyme.

Important Parts

  • Dean O'Dell expels Claire after Veronica exposes her for faking her rape. He also forces Nish to quit as editor of the newspaper because she didn't cover the story. Nish and Claire are both angry at Veronica.

  • Veronica gets an A on a paper in her criminology, while most of the class does poorly. Professor Landry takes an interest in Veronica because she is one of his most promising students. He tries to convince Veronica to major in criminology, and he offers to be her faculty advisor.

  • A student in the class turns Veronica in for plagiarizing her paper. She discovers that Tim Foyle set her up because he wanted her to discover that Landry is a dirtbag. Landry is currently having an affair with Dean O'Dell's wife, one of many affairs he has had.

  • Foyle seems to be working on the rape case, and Veronica notices something she finds interesting. She doesn't say what it is because she's distracted.

  • Wallace is given a choice of getting zero on his mechanical engineering exam or dropping the course. He chooses to take the zero because he wants to be a mechanical engineer. He gives up a chance to be a starter on the basketball team and asks the coach for the semester off to focus on his school work.

  • Piz has a crush on Veronica and invites her to go bowling. Veronica brings Logan and invites Parker. Parker has a crush on Piz, but Piz isn't interested.

  • Keith and Harmony spend more time together. After a few platonic dates, he refuses to spend the night with her. However, he changes his mind after getting into a car accident and returns to the hotel room Harmony rented.

  • Parker meets Mercer Hayes and recognizes his cologne from the night of her rape. Veronica searches his room and finds a pair of clippers in his drawer. She reports this to Lamb, who then informs her that they found vials of GHB in the stolen cash box from Mercer's casino.

  • Logan tells Veronica that Mercer has been arrested, but Mercer isn't guilty. Logan was with Mercer the night of the rape in the summer, but he can't tell Veronica what they were doing.

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