3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf"

Aired Oct 24, 2006


If everybody had a Ronnie
Across the Hearst array
Then everybody'd be surfin'
While feeling betray-ayed
She'd see 'em charging those frat boys
Of being rapists who
Make the girls wear a wig hairdo
Surfin' Neptune way.

She'd catch 'em stealin' off Logan
His Trust Fund's bottom line
Charlie Stone as acted
By GG's Matt Czuchry
A fake to his dismay

Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' Neptune way.

Keith'll be planning that stakeout
He's gonna take real fast
He's helping out his gal friend
He'll be having a blast
But her husband isn't cheating
He'll stay single today
Tell his daughter he's surfin'
Surfin' Neptune way.

Pi Sig Sig and rapers
Neptune escapades
Casablancas and Diller
Lilith House's display
All over the paper
At the Hearst array.

Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' in the gray.

-alliterator, Inigo

Important Parts

  • A woman hires Keith to see if her husband is cheating on her. She's known Keith for years, and there's always been chemistry between them. However, she finds out that her husband actually is not cheating on her, and so nothing happens between Keith and her.

  • Nish talks to Parker and asks her if any of the Pi Sig brothers were at the party the night she was raped. It seems that they were around when all of the rapes occurred.

  • Dick hires Veronica to clear the Pi Sig fraternity of the rapes. Veronica accepts, since she wants to be able to have full access to the house.

  • Veronica discovers that Claire was at a convenience store with a guy the night she was raped. He had to go to an ATM for money. Keith gets an ATM photograph of Claire and the guy. The time was 2 AM, 2 hours after the Pi Sig haunted house ended. Claire still had her hair in the picture, and the guy was an Asian guy who was not a Pi Sig. The photo is used as evidence to clear the Pi Sigs.

  • The feminists and rape victims, including Parker, are angry at Veronica. They think she is helping the Pi Sigs and not them. Veronica promises Parker she will find the real rapist, which is better than seeing the wrong person arrested.

  • Logan asks Veronica to figure out why a lot of his inheritance money is missing. She discovers that he has a half-brother, Charlie Stone, and that a large amount of money is going to Charlie every month.

  • Logan contacts Charlie, and they spend some time together. Veronica, suspicious as always, discovers that the guy isn't really Charlie Stone but a reporter, looking for a good story. The real Charlie was not involved, as Veronica and Logan had suspected. Logan tries to contact his real brother again, but only gets an answering machine.


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