3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

Aired Oct 10, 2006


Lessons learned by Veronica this week: admitting you were in the room when rape was committed does nothing for your guilt complex, sometimes secret sorority rooms are for growing medicinal marijuana and not for illicit peep shows, and single-handedly shutting down a sorority house makes you really unpopular. Lessons learned by Logan and Wallace this week: being a prisoner really sucks, refugees from Boy Meets World will always be dicks, and running through class naked is the best form of payback. Lessons learned by Keith this week: even in the middle of a desert, there will be a sheriff that can accuse you of wrongdoing, and you can always rely on your daughter for a helping hug. Lesson learned by Cormac this week: don't promise Liam money when you don't know where it is. Lesson learned by the audience this week: Kendall had really good taste in art, but not in boyfriends.


Important Parts

  • Logan and Wallace participate in an experiment for their sociology class over a weekend. Logan is a prisoner and Wallace is a guard. Wallace tricks the prisoners into revealing the information right at the end of the experiment.

  • Keith makes his way from the desert to a sheriff's department and reports Kendall's murder.

  • Cormac chases Keith but is caught in a bear trap. Liam finds him and wants the money. Cormac claims he doesn't know where it is, so Liam kills him.

  • Kendall's briefcase contained an original Van Gogh painting which was worth millions of dollars, which is how she hid the money.

  • Veronica realizes that she was in the room when Parker was being raped. She tells Parker, who is very angry at her, saying that Veronica could have stopped the rape. Veronica is determined to discover who the rapist is.

  • Parker's parents come to take her home. Her mom is very negative to her, constantly berating Parker. Mac tells Parker to stay because going with her parents will be worse.

  • Veronica gets a job at the college newspaper. Her first assignment is to go undercover at the sorority Zeta Theta Beta to see if rumors of sexual misbehavior and underage drinking are true.

  • Veronica runs into Chip, the guy she accused of rape during her visit to the college. He was at a Theta Beta party, along with Dick, who is rushing Pi Sigma Sigma, Chip's fraternity.

  • Veronica discovers that the Theta Betas' den mother was growing pot in her room. She takes pictures and gives them to the editor of the college newspaper, only to discover that they were used to ease the mother's pain from chemotherapy.

  • This is the same sorority where Parker was before she was raped. Parker and another girl who was sober got a ride home from a Moe in a Safe Ride Home cart that night.


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